Wednesday, June 22, 2011

i have lost control of my child.

not that i ever really had control, but at least i had the allusion of it….now even that is totally out the window.
i need some serious help. ben was sleeping great, having his last bottle of the day at around 7:30 as part of his bedtime routine, then he’d go down and sleep through till around 1:00-1:30 or so and cry for food, so he’d get a bottle then and sleep like a rock till we woke him up at 6:30 to feed him and get him ready to go to grandma’s or daycare, depending on the day….well…something happened. the last three nights?


hot holy mess.

nothing has changed as far as his bedtime routine…it’s pijamas, fresh dipe and bottle as usual, only now he is waking up at 11:30 (right about exactly when i get good and asleep of course) and coming totally unglued. before you suggest i try and soothe him without feeding him, please trust that i have tried this. ad nauseum. the bottle is the only way out, so he gets fed, and he goes right back to sleep after talking for about 10 minutes.….which is great…until 4:30 when he wakes up again, going ape shit, totally inconsolable until he gets a bottle.

four thirty in the morning.

THIS IS COMPLETELY UNREASONABLE TIME TO WAKE UP FOR EVERY POSSIBLE REASON. feeding him at 4:30 means not feeding him again until he gets to grandma’s or daycare at 8:00, which should be fine except today it sure wasn’t cuz he lost his mind again on the expressway and i had to give him a bottle WHILE I WAS DRIVING.

go ahead. call CPS. i’ll wait.

oh. and in case you think he goes right back to sleep after he has his 4:30 nosh, you're wrong. he thinks this is an excellent time to start the day and he lays there on his back, holding on to his feet, rolling around and jabbering until 6am, when the alarm goes off and i have to get up.

then he proceeds to fall into a deep sleep while i am in the shower.

this set-up is a total clusterf*ck, obv.

so basically, my 6 month old, 22 pound bruiser is a) still not sleeping through the night and b) not only is he not sleeping through the night, he’s also back to taking a bottle every 3 hours. he might as well be 4 weeks old. this is so totally not cool. i don’t care if he wakes up once, i really don’t. it’s a small price to pay and i know he will sleep through the night before he goes off to college, so there’s a light, however dim, at the end of the tunnel but this waking up twice has to stop and wanting a bottle at 4:30 is an actual emergency situation that needs to be corrected like yesterday. how do i do this??? i’m afraid to up his bottles during the day to 8 ounces for fear that he will STILL want 7 bottles a day and uh…with his two big jars of fruit & veggies and his cereal, i’m sorry, i know the pediatrician says if he’s hungry, feed him, but i’m not doing that to my baby. it’s too much.

if anybody actually reads this thing, can you please help me? or else come and take the kid for a night so i can get some rest. i am about to jump out the window.



Kelli B said...

I know it is very hard, but hang in there. Both of my boys would occasionally do that for a week or two and then go back to normal. I always swore that it was one of two things: a growth spurt or they are reaching a new milestone (sitting up, crawling, rolling). Just my two cents, but I would just try to get through it and give it a few more nights. On a brighter note, both of my boys would do this right before they actually started sleeping better. Sounds strange, I know, but they did. My 11 month old had four nights of HORRIBLE sleep last week and now this week, he is sleeping ten hours, wakes up for a bottle and then back to sleep for two more hours. Hang in there! It will get better!!

Skye said...

Well. No one knows your baby better than you so I can't pretend to know what to say to make it better LOL.
But here are my thoughts- take it or leave it. Babies can sleep through the night at 6 months. THey are physically able to go all night. There are only a few reasons why they do not. But you can be sure he's not waking up to play monopoly. He is waking up b/c he is hungry. If he's truly hungry, then that tells me he may not be getting enough during the day. So you might have had the right idea of going to 8 oz's per feeding. If he can take the 8 oz, it;s worth a shot. If he is getting what he needs during the day, then he won't wake up. If he still wakes up , then something else is going on. I honestly have not had that situation so I don't know ... but I know I have always stuffed my daughter with formula (and now milk) and sleeps til the morning. Again- that's just me. Take it or leave it. ANd good luck !!! :) ANd like Kelli said above, it could just miraculously pass. He might sleep through tomorrow night and keep going ??

Skye said...
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Skye said...

I missed the part where he is on solids already - I was going to say to maybe get him going on solids - but you already did that lol