Wednesday, January 23, 2013

i haz happiez

This morning? I woke up to this...

and it made me so happy I'm pretty sure I squeeked.

I know numbers don’t reeeeally matter and it’s content that’s important. My content lately has been less than impressive (at least to me), which makes it all the more mind blowing to start my day with 202 of you little chickenheads checking in to see what nonsense I have to spew on the daily…or weekly, as the case may be lately.

I’m going to try harder. You’ve made me want to. I am so excited to have all of you guys, to get to know you and your stories and to share my (sometimes lame, sometimes mundane, mostly ridiculous) stories with you…now who was supposed to be The Champagne Bish?? Get your cute butt over here and let’s pop that cork!!! Amber, I’m looking at you!
Now, let’s get this party started for REAL, people!!!


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Facts of Rach

It makes me bonkers when people leave time on the microwave. Just push the stop button. It’s not hard.

The smell of cold food that is supposed to be hot makes me almost hurl every time. Leftovers are not my friend. It doesn’t matter if it smells exactly the same hot as it does cold, somehow my nose knows and the smell of it right out of the fridge makes me gag. Except for pizza. That I can handle.
I rarely wear a coat. Even if it’s 20 degrees outside. I just hate the feeling of bundling up. I feel all trapped and immobile and crabby when I have on too many clothes. It’s the California girl in me.

Speaking of California, I left my heart there. I honestly feel like I’ll never be the real me again until I go back, which may never happen, and I mourn that. I do.

Things I enjoy that lots of people don’t: mushrooms, roller coasters, doing laundry, anchovy paste, super spicy hot sauce, plane rides, super hot weather (like Arizona in July hot).

Things I don’t care much for that lots of people enjoy: hot tubs, snow, high heels, oysters & cats.

About those cats….I’m allergic. Bad.

I can’t deal if only one of my hands gets wet. If one hand gets wet, I have to get at least part of the other one wet or else it freaks me out.

Also, I hate having dirty or sticky hands. When I am cooking, I will constantly wash my hands after everything I touch, and use a new paper towel every time. Carbon footprint, I know.

I always eat my French fries first.

I was a soul train dancer for one episode. I wish I could find the picture of this….stop laughing.

I drink more water than anyone you know. And yes I pee…a lot.

I love Whitney and I think you should link up too cuz facts are fun and that’s a fact!

And Plus Also? This post insipired me to finally, after almost TWO years, update my About page. So there you have it. More facts about me in one day than you ever wanted to know. Don't blame me, blame Whitney ;)


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

currently... anybody still out there?? Sorry. I know.
My life lately is not nearly as exciting as my lack of blogging might lead you to believe....or now that I am thinking about it, maybe my lack of blogging lately is a perfect indicator of what a snorefest my life has been....regardless, here is a quicky update....

I am currently…


That I feel so swamped at work. Ugh. I like to be busy cuz it makes the time go faster but chaos and loose ends are not my thing, yo.


 (I think?) my new glasses from Firmoo, (a great big thanks to the adorable Emily from The Sweetest Thing for the $25 credit I won in her giveaway!) but still too chicken to wear them out of the house…they are just SO nerd chic and I sometimes* feel way too frumpy and lame to pull off that hipster act.

(*all the time. even when I am rocking my Chucks, which, by definition are supposed to make a girl feel cool ,right? Sad.)

Crushing on…

This sweet, delicious boy, as per the usual. I could just BITE that little butt!!!!!

Freaking out over…

The fact that I am 4 GFC followers away from 200…what? me?? the girl who sucks at blogging? I love you guys. Wif my heart of hearts. We should do a giveaway, yes?

Excited about…

Wearing my new boots I just got from Sole Society with the credit they sent me in my Influenster Holiday VoxBox. I LOVE them!!! And I loved being a part of the Influenster program last month too. If you are jonesing for a new pair of boots…or flats….or sexy heels, you can use the code: INFLUENSTER25 to get $25 off your purchase through January 31st!!! In the meantime, tell me how to style these cuties, cuz I am a hot mess fo’ sho’.

Daydreaming about…

Moving to Florida. Or South Carolina. Or back home to SoCal. Just somewhere warm and pretty with palm trees that nourishes my spirit. Every day I spend here sucks the life out of me more and more.  I feel angry, unmotivated and uninspired.  I feel like the girl I used to be is gone forever, and I miss her.


My birthday this year. I don’t even want to talk about it.

Pigging out on….

Pretty much this whole pan of leftover Honey Lime Chicken Enchiladas I made the other night. Nom Nom Nom…


All of your blogs! Now that I have them all organized into cool little folders in my reader, I am so much less stressed out when I see that I have, like 374 unread items because some days, when I only have a few minutes to spare, I just need to check up on my besties (I’m talking to you, and you, and you, and you, and you and YOU!) and other days, when I have a little more free time, I can snuggle right in and read all the recipes and top 5 lists and Friday’s Letters on the interwebs.

Organize your reader, it will change your life.

And folks, this might not win me any bloggie awards but it’s all I haz for ya today.



Thursday, January 10, 2013

it's ok...

It’s ok….

Its Ok Thursdays

That I was really happy when I realized it was Thursday & I could link up for “It’s OK Thursdays” because I really wanted to blog today, but my motivation was in the shitter…this is just what I needed.

That I am really, really stabby today even though I definitely should be floating on cloud 9 since I woke up to a facebook message (legit) from one of my favorite rock stars, bought myself 2 cute sweaters for 50% off at LOFT,  and also got flirted with by a major cutie this morning. I don’t know what is wrong with me, but I will punch you in the face.

That I promised I was going to hit the ground running (literally and figuratively) in 2013 with my diet and exercise regime but instead I just had lunch….twice. Yes, I had two lunches. Go ahead and judge me.

That we still have not taken down the Christmas tree.

That my new VS Swim catalog came in the mail yesterday and I am lusting after everything, even though half of it wouldn’t even fit on my arm.

That I am seriously done with winter even though it’s getting up to almost 60 this weekend. I need sun on my face and a pool raft under my ass immed.

That I actually am not feeling too ‘ok’ with anything today so it’s pretty hard to make this list right now.

That mostly, I just want to go lay down under my desk and wait for somebody to come and hug me.


Tuesday, January 8, 2013


*eat at a food truck. or ten.

I started this “list” back in, like, November and that’s as far as I got. My one goal for this year, apparently, is to eat at a food truck. I’d best make that happen, right?

I had another list started in the back of my planner too. I’m the girl with multiple lists running at the same time, usually with many of the same tasks and bullet points on each one. If, on every list, I put “make duplicate list”, I’d probably feel marginally more accomplished because I’d get to cross that off for sure a few times a day whether anything else got finished or not. Let’s be honest, it usually doesn’t. Usually, the making of the list feels so taxing and overwhelming that I just quit while I’m ahead.

Or behind.


I’m not one for traditional “resolutions” either. Mostly because I know myself. I get pretty defiant in the face of strict rules, even if I make those rules myself. I’m a very “don’t tell me what to do!” person. Only child syndrome, I guess* so instead, I make pipe dream lists. Like that one I started up there about the food trucks. Food truck as pipe dream…..I dream big, people.

You might notice I’m also not very goal oriented. Man, I wish I was. If I were to make a list of character traits I wish I had, being goal oriented would be one of them. I’d also like to be more competitive. I’m pretty complacent…..either that, or else I get angry and jealous. You lost 15 pounds by eating right and working your butt off at the gym while my lazy ass sat here and grazed from a bottomless bag of cool ranch Doritos? Eff you. Attrcative, right? Everybody wants to be BFF with a jealous, unmotivated list addict, yes?

I haven’t blogged in like 11 days. Obviously, “be a better blogger” was not on my 2013 list, and I’m cool with that. There’s lots I miss. Also, lots I don’t miss. I kind of just need to veg out for awhile without constantly stressing myself with how long it’s been since I wrote a blog I wasn’t feeling just to keep up with The Joneses out here. I wish I had cute outfit posts, fun recipes and a recap of Ben’s killer 2nd birthday party to share, but…well…

So for now, I’m just popping in to talk about The Bachelor for a minute.

I’m really pissed that I forgot it started last night until it was already half over. I’m an idiot. I even said, out loud, at 7:00 “omg I’m so excited! The Bachelor is on tonight!” and then Scott went to take Ben to bed and I put on Diners, Drive Ins & Dives and settled in for a night of food porn…..then Scott comes out at 9 and he’s all “isn’t your show on tonight?” and I was all “craaaaaaap!!” and I turned it on right in time to witness the crazy chick in the wedding dress. I can respect that brand of crazy, but she’s still not a front-runner in my book.

I am SO excited that Kacie B. is back again, although I’m a little concerned that this is making her look kind of desperate. She’s better than that. She really is. She’s so cute and so sweet….and of course I am watching all the upcoming scenes at the end and totally stressing out that I’m not seeing Kacie in any of them and I already hate Sean for that. But every year I fall for their crap. Their editing is pretty excellent. They probably knew everyone would be rooting for Kacie and so they didn’t put her in the previews on purpose to get everybody thinking she’s getting kicked off. Conspiracy theory. They get me every year. Except Ben’s year. I knew he was going to pick that Courtney skank all along.

ugh. Lame.

Anyway, I’m excited for Monday’s. Which is a good thing, cuz I’ll tell you what I am not excited about….Wednesdays & Thursdays. Am I the only one boycotting American Idol this year? I’m sorry. I will not watch Niki Minaj and Mariah Carey. I refuse.

Go Kacie B.!

That’s all I’ve got. Peace out.

*I was 16 by the time my oldest younger brother came along.