about me

I’m Rachel. I’m a California girl, currently freezing her ass off on Long Island and daydreaming daily about tropical breezes and swaying palm trees.

I’m prone to ranting, emotional outbursts, dramatics and extremes. As (un) attractive as that sounds, it’s countered by the fact that I am fiercely loyal, I love with my whole heart, I’m as real as they come and if you’re on my short list, there is nothing I wouldn’t do to make you feel loved.

I’m an ISFP.

This is Bennett. This little dude is the love of my life. I know it’s cliché, but I never knew love like this existed until he came along and rocked my world. He’s my best friend and he has my whole heart forever.

I married this guy on September 17, 2006. He’s Scott. He loves hockey and his 1986 Honda Prelude. And me, most of the time. He’s the best father I’ve ever known and he’s not too shabby of a husband either. I’m a pretty lucky girl….sometimes I forget how lucky I am…I hate when I do that.

I procrastinate something fierce. I drink too much wine. And occasionally, too much Vodka. I spend a lot of time hating my body but being too lazy to do anything about it. I wear yoga pants pretty much on the daily.

This is my momma. Wasn’t she gorgeous? She is my Guardian Angel. She taught me how to treat people. She taught me how to love. I am so humbled that I was blessed to call her mine.

This is my dad. Sometimes I call him Feather. He’s a pretty handsome guy, huh? Well, his heart is just as lovely. I have never known anyone more generous, more loyal, more demonstrative with their love. I am so lucky.

These are my brothers, Kellen & Taylor. I love these guys like crazy.

This is Daisy. She is my number one girl, even though her breath stinks.

If you want a little teaser about the band and the song that literally changed the course of my life and landed me in my husband’s lap, read this. It’s a pretty rad story.

Also, I say "rad" in real life.

If you have any questions feel free to email me at rachlovesdc@gmail.com My life's an open book, yo.
Thanks for hanging out with me!!