Friday, April 12, 2013

if i had a theme song....

It’s been an emotionally taxing week, to say the least. I started with a new therapist, and, while she is rad and I know for sure I’m on the right path, it’s hard work doing a whole re-wire of all your brains. Also, the boss has returned to work full time…he’s a good friend of ours outside of work, so it’s cool, but he’s still the boss at work and my nerves are a tad frayed….to say the least….

That said, this song makes me happy…and I always imagine that if I had a theme song that played whenever I walked into anywhere…or, you know, out of the bullpen and on to the pitcher’s mound (?) this would be it…..

But then I also feel that way about this song sometimes when I’m feeling less…hyper. Which is kind of right now. Cuz we’re having some torrential downpour and it’s freezing cold and dreary and like I said, I am emotionally maxed out. I’m pretty sure Shawn Mullins wrote this song for me, even though I’ve never met him….

So that’s all I’ve got, but it’s Friday, and this is enough, darnit.

If you had a theme song, what would it be? Also, please send wine.



Kim said...

ahh! I'm so proud of you for starting with a new therapist. And dude, it is *so* hard. Dealing with all the crap you regularly ignore/cope with/repress etc., and letting it just float around in your brain freely in order to fix it? No sir, I do not like it one bit but it'll help in the long run. I'm sooo happy for you!!

PS: Emotionally taxing week for sure - I feel like I'm at wit's end. Cyber-wine party?

Ashley said...

I've always said if I had a theme song, it'd be Miranda Lambert "heart like mine" or Train "
meet Virginia" but my name obviously isn't Virginia.

amazing song choice. California is a great theme song!

Anonymous said...

First, YAY for the new therapist and progress.
Second, I have no idea what my theme song would be, but I do now have 'Wild Thing' playing over in my head channeling Charlie Sheen a la "Major League" thanks to your description.
wine for everyone!

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