Tuesday, December 20, 2011

i can't take it anymore!

oh my holy cheese and crackers!!!

the holidays are overwhelming, ok? duh. i get it. they always have been. it's just the nature of the beast. and the payoff is worth it, so it's cool, you know? you shop and wrap and eat and bake and drink and shop and eat some more and then stand in line and spend all your money and drink and eat and shop spend even more money and wrap and drink and then, on Christmas day, the whole world shuts down (except for 7-11) and you breathe....and relax...and stay in your pijamas as long as you want and open those presents and soak in the love and warmth and serenity of being surrounded by the people who are your whole world....

the pre-holiday prep was overwhelming before Ben was around, but now that he's here, with a december birthday to boot, it's just downright impossible....and i had big plans people! big ones!! i talked a big game about whipping up a batch of my girl Ree's Cinnamon Rolls and totally forgot about it untill yesterday, i was going to craft the birthday banner for Ben's high chair all by myself with my trusty cricut machine, make homemade sock monkey sugar cookies for his party, bring two pies to Christmas dinner, wrap all the presents because obviously boys suck at gift wrapping all while working full time with a total of zero days off.


so, the reality is, it turns out i am not kelly Ripa in an Electrolux commercial and and {wtf? who knew??}apparently,  i cannot do it all!

i currently am sitting here, head spinning, with my Outlook blinking at me, 2 half written emails open with cursors stuck mid sentence, a total of 5 browser windows open and 63 items unread in my google reader. i've got 3 post-its full of crap i have to do on my non-lunch break (CVS: dish soap, bubble bath, cards for daycare teachers, gift tags, stick on bows...) a stack of mail on my desk to take to the post office, a therapist to call so i can supplement my crazy pills with a little conversation, and a first birthday party menu to plan....

remember my dear santa list from earlier this week? scratch that. all i want for Christmas is a personal assistant and a nap.

but let it not go unsaid that for all of this, i am thankful. i am thankful to have the people i love so dearly that i want to shop and bake for and thankful that i have a small bit of extra money with which to buy dish soap and stick on bows and this month in particular? i am thankful for wine.

<insert manic laughter>

hey, if you need me? i'll have my head in the sand till mid january. love ya!



Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

That Kelly Ripa commercial totally pisses me off. ;)

Being a Mom is hard work! Ack! I've been juggling things lately, too, but omg...if I had to throw a very special birthday in the mix I might just lose my mind. Whoa.

Like you said...thank goodness for wine. :D

amy@agoodlife said...

oh no! breathe rachel!! i can't imagine adding a december birthday into the mix. good luck & don't stress yourself so much that you don't enjoy it!

Skye said...

I hear ya! I took off some time too from blogging - Take care of the important things first.... your blog will still be here when you come back! :) Merry Christmas & try to be calm ... and breathe deep :) xo

Lost&Found said...

I love the way you write your posts. It seriously makes me want to keep reading. Basically, I love your blog.
And, you are human. Sometimes you have to take a step back and tell not just yourself, but everyone else, that you can't do it all! Or, ask for help if you need it.
I am pretty jealous of your Xmas day, though. My day involves a brunch and dinner at my fiance's extended familys house-oh, and this year, he's in India- wtf?
I'm going to take one long breath, laugh and admit that life is crazy!

Merry Christmas!!!

Ashley Eliza said...

so happy that i found your blog!
you are a wonderful writer!! can't wait to read more :)

happy holidays