Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I need a vacation from my vacation

Things I did during my 10 days off....

Joined the gym....it's getting serious, folks. No more messing around.

Took Benny on his very first road trip, very first time out of the state, very first time in a big city and I am happy to report that not only did we all survive, but he did great and I can't wait for us to do it again!!

We went to Sesame Place, spent 2 days in PA, had Chik-fil-a for lunch (god help us all YUM!), and had breakfast with Elmo and friends which was a hit BEYOND.

Kicked it with Cookie Monster...and The Count. Big Bird was not such a huge hit.....oh well. You win some, you lose some....

Took lots of naps.

Got new glasses, finally! Two pairs of 'em even! Love a good deal! Love being able to SEE!

Got Botox.
(true story. stay tuned for more on that later.)

Spent 6 freakin' hours almost on the Brooklyn Queens Expressway wanting to punch myself in the face.

Stuffed said fat face with the sandwich my {imaginary} boyfriend declared the BEST in America...

Fell in love with Reading Terminal Market and all the Amish (and otherwise) goodies to be had there...

Drank a lot of wine.

Went on the tri-annual Hamptons day trip with Noreen....indulged in cookies from Levain Bakery which.....there are not words to describe. Indulged some more in a huge bowl of killer guac and warm, salty tortilla chips on the canal in Hampton Bays. Indulged yet again in one of the best lobster rolls I've had to date, despite the lack of top split buttered roll. It was sublime.

Unindulged after a week of gluttony with a dinner of nothing but grilled vegetables and half of a grilled ground turkey patty.

I neglected my google reader.

I neglected my email.

I neglected my real mail....Kelsey and Danielle, I PROMISE I am going to the Post Office today. I promise promise.

I got new lipgloss! Thanks to  Kristen for the recommendation! I have about 864 lipglosses and I don't know how I ever lived without Love Nectar!

Things I did NOT do during my 10 days off:


I know. I'd like to say I'm sorry, and part of me really is...especially after roping you all in with the promise of presents, but it felt good to not open my computer....it felt good to not wrack my brain wondering how I could possibly come up with something witty to say, which would more than likely end up not being witty at all due to vacation brain.....

But, I'm back. With a forehead full of botox and fancy new specks. Be afraid.

Love you guys!!!!



Anonymous said...

Oh the joys of vacation...especially one where no one is killed!
I call dibs on eating through your next vacation. You always have the yummiest foods.
Also, wine is a great way to ignite the witty.

Lynne said...

Well, I've only eaten out for every meal for the last 4 days (long weekend) but I can sympathize with the longing for "real healthy" food. My diet was VERY heavy on the fried food genre. Btw, new follower via Glossy Blonde - so, hi!

Jennifer Sanzo said...

Can't wait to read about Botox! Where? How much? I'd LOVE to get my forehead done... can't wait to read about your experience!

Kim Orpin said...

Lots of wine is always good :) And I was never a fan of Big Bird either

Niki said...

Yay! It sounds like you had an eventful vacation! We SO have to meet in the city sometime. I've never been to the Hamptons - I love your pics (and the wine)! And I'm oddly jealous of Sesame Place. I really really want to meet Oscar. I don't know why.

Amber said...

I want to know about your botox experience immed. If you wait to long to post it I will come find you. I want some BAD!!! Tell me every detail! I love that your first road trip with Benny Bear went well. I have missed you!!!

noreenmarie said...

Such great pics, and such a great time with you Sunday! Loved every minute of it, my friend. :) xoxo Must do it again next year.

Skye said...

Time off is not time to blog - its time for you - so glad you enjoyed! And Sesame place looks fun - I saw the pics on instagram too! First road trip with Benny and it went well? Good job mama!

noreenmarie said...

BTW, that picture of the guac makes me want it ALLLL Over again. Damn.

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

Oh my gosh! What fun fun fun!!!

Let's start with Sesame Place...who knew such a wondrous thing lived in Penn?! I had no idea there was even a park devoted to the furry friends of Sesame Street!! HOW COOL!! I wanna go! (and I bet Hudson does, too!) Hmmmm, I'm wondering about the Big Bird aversion...was this a one time occurrence? OR does he just not love the bird? Perhaps he was just tired? I need to know that he really does love the big guy BECAUSE Follow that Bird is only my favorite kid's movie of all!!!!! Whew. Has he seen that movie yet?

Oh the glasses!! love them!!! You are a supermodel. Work it girl.

BOTOX?! Tell me more. Please. Was it in your forehead? I'm totally convinced I'm destined to have forehead botox.

Brooklyn Queens Expressway just sounds daunting. I've probably never driven in traffic like that ever. But did you get to see the Brooklyn Bridge?! Did that make it all worth it?! GORGEOUS. My favorite bridge.

You make that sandwich look super good. And the wine. And the lobster rollls, and GAH I'm starving now!!!!!!!!!!!

Love you! Miss you!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Sami said...

I somehow missed this post but omg the food you ate looks amazing! I am now kicking myself for not jumping on that plane earlier and coming to pig out with you ;) Benny at Sesame Place is the cutest xoxox