Tuesday, September 25, 2012

It's called Procrastination, and I am its Queen.

You know how when you have emails in your inbox that keep piling up or a phone call you keep meaning to return and the longer you go without doing it, the harder it is to actually pull the trigger and then all of the sudden it’s been like 3 weeks and you start telling yourself the person must think you’re a real jerk anyway for taking so long to reply so….you just….procrastinate more…and it gets worse and worse? Yeah. That’s me right now. Me and this blog. I keep thinking of things I want to talk about but….then I get lazy…or I come up with excuses, or I try to write but the words just won’t come. And this has been going on far too long….on and off….and I hate it. cuz then I also feel dumb leaving comments on everyone else’s blogs, which is actually my favorite part of blogging, but I feel like if I leave a comment, you are going to come visit me and see that I haven’t updated in 2 weeks and be all “LAME.” And not give me a chance, but I swear I’m fun. I swear I am. I love girly stuff and yummy food and my kid is really, really cute (if I do say so myself…)


and I’m planning to do a bunch of fun stuff this fall that I hope to not be too lazy to take pictures of like apple picking (maybe?) and wine drinking (duh.) and New York City Wine and Food Festivaling and attempting to actually put in my hair extensions and style them and wear them out in public which should be good for quite a few laughs, I’m sure, and we’re going to The Oyster Festival…..and….and I’m gonna make White Chicken Chili soon…and Chicken Pot Pies! And I’m going to take pictures of that too and post the recipes and you will LOVE it. All of it. I promise you will. Just bear with me.

Do you know that yesterday was one of the top 100 worst days of my life? I decided that. I know it’s dramatic, since nothing truly tragic happened, but god, it really sucked the big one. First of all, it was Monday, which, well, sucks by definition. Then, it was super swamped at work, which makes the day go by faster, but something about the workload yesterday was just especially exasperating, add to that I woke up with *girl problems* if you’re picking up what I’m putting down??? And then, like salt in a wound, I came home to a jury summons. Really? really. Plus, the whole house is sick with this awful, phlegmy cough, which I can handle if it’s just me who’s afflicted, and even Ben is handling it pretty well but Scott? Don’t get me started. So to cheer myself up, I thought we should all go to the diner for dinner, except that Ben was a holy terror and wouldn’t touch his dinner and only wanted to scream and wiggle and Scott coughed the entire time and if you’ve never heard him cough? It is very unsettling. So there we were, Ben freaking out, Scott coughing out a lung, all I’m trying to do is enjoy my salad….to no avail. Wrap it up. Bad day. Terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. And the icing on the cake? I got farted on. I give up, people. How is this my life?

But the good news is today is Tuesday, which is one day closer to Friday, which is my brother’s birthday and also, my favorite day of the week. In the meantime...read this, cuz I love Kim and you should too cuz she's real and this is how i feel a lot of the time....and also, look at what we are thinking of trying to do at our house...

pray for me, yes?
(I don't know, ok? I got nothin')



insertwittytitleheremomstired said...

Husbands are by far the worst patients. I can't even fake sympathy now whenever mine is "sick."
Today is shaping up to be much like yesterday and the Monday before that.
I just want to go in to full nesting mode, but that takes work. Wanna come over and help me organize and clean? I'll supply you with unlimited wine and drive you wherever you want to go.

Kim said...

That first sentence. All of it. Is my life. In fact, as I was reading that paragraph, my boss was all like "Hey Kim, how come you never went and did that test you were called for in June?" My response? "I suck." Really though, why? Because I forgot every day and every time I remember, I was embarrassed that it's been...several months. Ugh. The worst.

Also, re: paragraph 2...sounds like my life.

But your Monday sounds likeeee the worst. But I still love you. Girl problems plus sick husband PLUS sick baby makes me feel like a bottle of wine is in order. The fact that you made it through your entire day makes you a super hero.

Also...100% you're the best for including me in this post and making me feel not like a loner for feeling like an outside in this ol' blogosphere sometimes. You're the best.

Kim said...

PS: longest comment of all time. of ALL time.

Amber said...

I know I always say the same thing but I am going to say it again. I Love Everything About You. I am the same way with the procrastination and everyone who has ever visited your blog knows how awesome you are so don't worry about it! Seriously. You're the shizznat yes I used an a instead of an e because you are more than the shizznet you are The ShizzmothaeffinNAT Yes that just happened. MUAH! I also need to know who the fuzz farted on you.

noreenmarie said...

I can totally see Scott being a big baby when sick. Ugh, annoying. I hope everyone gets better FAST! And jury duty too? Ewww. Shitty Monday, for sure.
Are you doing the Oyster festival AND BK all in 1 day? Gah. I hope not, that'd totally stress me out. ha. BK is enough stress, let alone dealing with 200K people. LOL

How's the Benny bed situation going? Love you!

Niki Caron said...

That does sound like an awful day! I hope today is better! And the food and wine festival sounds AMAZING! I wish I had known about it earlier!!!

Kimmyyy83 said...

Here is to a better today. God news, now we are 2 days away from Friday! Men are indeed the worst patients!

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

I'm pickin' up what your puttin' down.

I feel ya girl. And I bet everyone else does, too. I've had those times (for sure!) where I suck at blogging. Heck, sometimes I even suck at daily life. But it all comes back around again, and you'll be doing just grand and juggling 68 balls at one time...blogging and wife-ing and mother-ing and cooking and working...you are amazing. Just know that mmmkay? 'til then, hang in there love!!

But while we're talking crappy days, can I tell you about mine? I'll make it short: We had to go to RED LOBSTER with the inlaws. Hudson had to poop but had been holding it in for, oh, 24 hours, which makes him absolutely unbearable. Therefore, he wouldn't sit in a chair. We made 16 fruitless trips to the bathroom, the last of which he screamed bloody murder in the stall because I didn't let him pull his own pants down. He screamed so long that I was sure the workers would call the police. I had to come out and just take him outside so I could take a giant chill pill and gain some composure. Then we went back to the table, he told Will he had to poop, they went to the bathroom and he DID IT, they came back and he acted like a PERFECT angel, causing me to look like a complete lunatic. Because, I mean, why would I be so stressed out over this PERFECT ANGEL!?!?! What a day. What a day.

Are you seriously taking him out of the crib!! I die. I can't even think about that. Hudson is 3 and still sleeps in a crib...is that okay?!