Tuesday, January 8, 2013


*eat at a food truck. or ten.

I started this “list” back in, like, November and that’s as far as I got. My one goal for this year, apparently, is to eat at a food truck. I’d best make that happen, right?

I had another list started in the back of my planner too. I’m the girl with multiple lists running at the same time, usually with many of the same tasks and bullet points on each one. If, on every list, I put “make duplicate list”, I’d probably feel marginally more accomplished because I’d get to cross that off for sure a few times a day whether anything else got finished or not. Let’s be honest, it usually doesn’t. Usually, the making of the list feels so taxing and overwhelming that I just quit while I’m ahead.

Or behind.


I’m not one for traditional “resolutions” either. Mostly because I know myself. I get pretty defiant in the face of strict rules, even if I make those rules myself. I’m a very “don’t tell me what to do!” person. Only child syndrome, I guess* so instead, I make pipe dream lists. Like that one I started up there about the food trucks. Food truck as pipe dream…..I dream big, people.

You might notice I’m also not very goal oriented. Man, I wish I was. If I were to make a list of character traits I wish I had, being goal oriented would be one of them. I’d also like to be more competitive. I’m pretty complacent…..either that, or else I get angry and jealous. You lost 15 pounds by eating right and working your butt off at the gym while my lazy ass sat here and grazed from a bottomless bag of cool ranch Doritos? Eff you. Attrcative, right? Everybody wants to be BFF with a jealous, unmotivated list addict, yes?

I haven’t blogged in like 11 days. Obviously, “be a better blogger” was not on my 2013 list, and I’m cool with that. There’s lots I miss. Also, lots I don’t miss. I kind of just need to veg out for awhile without constantly stressing myself with how long it’s been since I wrote a blog I wasn’t feeling just to keep up with The Joneses out here. I wish I had cute outfit posts, fun recipes and a recap of Ben’s killer 2nd birthday party to share, but…well…

So for now, I’m just popping in to talk about The Bachelor for a minute.

I’m really pissed that I forgot it started last night until it was already half over. I’m an idiot. I even said, out loud, at 7:00 “omg I’m so excited! The Bachelor is on tonight!” and then Scott went to take Ben to bed and I put on Diners, Drive Ins & Dives and settled in for a night of food porn…..then Scott comes out at 9 and he’s all “isn’t your show on tonight?” and I was all “craaaaaaap!!” and I turned it on right in time to witness the crazy chick in the wedding dress. I can respect that brand of crazy, but she’s still not a front-runner in my book.

I am SO excited that Kacie B. is back again, although I’m a little concerned that this is making her look kind of desperate. She’s better than that. She really is. She’s so cute and so sweet….and of course I am watching all the upcoming scenes at the end and totally stressing out that I’m not seeing Kacie in any of them and I already hate Sean for that. But every year I fall for their crap. Their editing is pretty excellent. They probably knew everyone would be rooting for Kacie and so they didn’t put her in the previews on purpose to get everybody thinking she’s getting kicked off. Conspiracy theory. They get me every year. Except Ben’s year. I knew he was going to pick that Courtney skank all along.

ugh. Lame.

Anyway, I’m excited for Monday’s. Which is a good thing, cuz I’ll tell you what I am not excited about….Wednesdays & Thursdays. Am I the only one boycotting American Idol this year? I’m sorry. I will not watch Niki Minaj and Mariah Carey. I refuse.

Go Kacie B.!

That’s all I’ve got. Peace out.

*I was 16 by the time my oldest younger brother came along.



Kimmyyy83 said...

Courtney was a skank. That is all!

Lisamarie said...

"Oh Lord, Jesus, its a fire!!"

Myers Family said...

I have only watched the first half of Bachelor but I've been watching ABC shows on my iPad. You should download the ABC Player app.

Amber said...

I am completely serious when I tell you that after I read about the cool ranch doritos I got my happy ass up and ran to the pantry to get my doritos jacked enchilada supreme doritos. #itswhatforbreakfastapparently