Thursday, January 10, 2013

it's ok...

It’s ok….

Its Ok Thursdays

That I was really happy when I realized it was Thursday & I could link up for “It’s OK Thursdays” because I really wanted to blog today, but my motivation was in the shitter…this is just what I needed.

That I am really, really stabby today even though I definitely should be floating on cloud 9 since I woke up to a facebook message (legit) from one of my favorite rock stars, bought myself 2 cute sweaters for 50% off at LOFT,  and also got flirted with by a major cutie this morning. I don’t know what is wrong with me, but I will punch you in the face.

That I promised I was going to hit the ground running (literally and figuratively) in 2013 with my diet and exercise regime but instead I just had lunch….twice. Yes, I had two lunches. Go ahead and judge me.

That we still have not taken down the Christmas tree.

That my new VS Swim catalog came in the mail yesterday and I am lusting after everything, even though half of it wouldn’t even fit on my arm.

That I am seriously done with winter even though it’s getting up to almost 60 this weekend. I need sun on my face and a pool raft under my ass immed.

That I actually am not feeling too ‘ok’ with anything today so it’s pretty hard to make this list right now.

That mostly, I just want to go lay down under my desk and wait for somebody to come and hug me.



Sami said...

I love your face and I'm depressed bc I'm not coming to NYC anymore and I just wanna give you a hug! xoxoxox

Amber said...

I will come hug you #andpossiblyflirtwithyou