Tuesday, January 17, 2012

how's about a list?

i really need to make something with citrus before the citrus season is over....specifically, meyer lemons which are adorable and smooth and delicious and like little oblong balls of happy, squirty, puckery sweet sunshine. mmmmm......meyer lemon curd tart....

i "save" posts in my google reader. i follow a lot of blogs but i do play favorites. the problem is that i also like to save the best for last, and sometimes, usually on mondays when i have 96 unread items and a stack of shit on my desk from the weekend, i sort of "skim" through some posts and "save" my favorites to read last...Ashley, I'm talkin' to you....but then i run out of time, and i have to leave work (you know, that place where i shouldn't be tackling my google reader in the first place?) and my favorites get saved for the next day....and sometimes work gets busy and then i go days without my fix and....it's sad. do you do this too or is it just me? it's dumb. i want to stop, but it is also my little glimmer of something to look forward to. i don't know. i have issues.

i think i'm falling in love with Michael Buble. it's pretty ridiculous. it started creeping up on me during the holidays with his absurd christmas special. i mean it's not like my obsession with mr. david cook, which is actually practically dead. that's the saddest thing i ever wrote, but it's the truth. i don't know what happened there. in the words of the great adele, sometimes it lasts in love and sometimes it hurts instead. but this is about my new boyfriend, Buble. you know, now that i'm typing this out, i'm realizing it's pretty insignificant and not even worth mentioning. Michael Buble. how very adult contemporary of me.....

i really want to get a whippycake. i think they are so insanely cute, but i have serious problems with accesorizing and i am afraid i am going to look like an idiot. i am just not one of those girls who ever looks pulled together. it all looks cute in my head but in 3-d, i am always a major disaster. you can imagine why whippycakes and me might not be such a smart combination. but i want one. do any of you guys have one? which one should i get?

i know i'll get the most use out of the black one, but really, these things are not meant to be worn everyday anyway and the other one is so fun. i love them all.

can we talk about the bachelor? am i the only one who was kind of excited to see shawntal show up again last night? bachelor ben really is a dud, but i still find myself rooting for my top 3...

emily...jennifer...kacie b

and now i'm that girl, blogging about the bachelor...i can't help it!!! it is television crack!!!!!!

i love a good list. i feel so cleansed....


Anonymous said...

I have yet to watch the bachelor.
I always save the blogs I like the best for last in hopes that I will be witty and leave a comment that will surely make them my new BFF!
With the whippcakes, go to the second one. Damnit, live it up!

Andrea said...

A. I feel ya on the DC thing.

II. WTF is a whippy Cake? Looks cute, never heard of it.

and thirdly, I love you. And loved your list.

Oh, and 4. are we going to get a recap of Bens party?!?! :)
xoxo, I love you.

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

Don't worry, you're not the only one watching The Bachelor, haha! I am so a Kacie B supporter! :)

Also, I hear you on the never-looking-quite-put-together thing. I am so that way!

Kendra said...

I totally agree with your top 3 and BEN - uh, yes, a dud. I don't find him charming in the least bit.

Michele said...

OMG how have we not discussed Bachelor yet?
ok my tops faves are the same as yours plus i love Lindzi (the one who came in on the horse).
I HATE that Courtney girl. She is something else

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

1. Yum citrus. I am in such a lemon mood lately. I have been being good and drinking a little less of my beloved Coke and a little more fresh lemon water! A nice lemon-y dessert would be perfect with my healthy water, riiiiiiiight?

2. I just love you. Really I do. :)

3. Girrrrrl, you are going to have to fight me over this one. I am in love with Buble. My love affair started in approximately 2007. Will took me to see his concert....we drove all the way Little Rock, Ark, and it was soo worth it. Have you seen him in concert? PLEASE believe me when I say he is even MORE awesome in real life. Whoa. Amazing. AND did you see him on SNL? He is just the cutest. Time to dump David Cook...eeeew. ;)

4. I'm not sure what this whippycake is that you speak of, but those things are super CUTE. Where do you put them? Hair? Body? hmmmmm. I think I need to click the link and get more info. BUT if you're getting one, I vote for colorful. Wheeeee!

5. Umm, YES MA'AM we can talk Bachelor. Ben is the dud supreme. Yuck. His nose grosses me out. Is that weird? Here are my top 3: KACIE B! Then, Emily. Then, Jamie. (is she still there?)

p.s. you are going to die when you get to my page on the ol' google reader.....I don't want to ruin the surprise....but something GOOD is coming your way. :) :) :) Here's a hint: Roamin' Holiday. Woop Woop