Monday, January 23, 2012

startin' him early...

On Saturday night, after our "big" snowstorm, we all got bundled up and headed out to the Nassau Coliseum for Benny's first Islander's game.

We got there early, had a quick dinner in the Club Room, rubbed paws with Sparky the Mascot, made friends from one end of the coliseum to the other….got down right at ice level for practice and Ben even managed to charm one of the NHL officials out of an actual, official, NHL game puck! Still cold from the cooler! Did you know they keep the pucks in an ice cooler until they are put into play? Me neither!

Also, did you know a 1 year old could keep his eye on the game and actually cheer on his team all the way from the cheap seats?? Me neither! An Islanders fan is born…God help us all….

It was a really awesome night. I am so thankful I got to be a part of it, and watch my two boys sharing something for the very first time that is going to be such a big and important part of their lives together. The first of hopefully thousands of games they will get to share, cheering on their team, hollering like fools and just being boys. It filled my heart with a pretty cool kind of happiness. Nights like Saturday are what it’s all about.



noreenmarie said...

Loved these pictures! And the video? OMG. Adorable! What a great moment.

Jenn said...

OMG...I CANNOT with this precious boy...He is THE cutest thing ever!!

Skye said...

That is sooo awesome. It must be in his genes! He loves it! :)

I regret not bringing Julianna to a Yankee game last year when she was a better age to sit there with us. Now, forget it, we will need to wait a couple years. She would NEVER sit still for a game now LOL.