Monday, February 4, 2013

this is the story of a band...

That made me so happy this weekend that my cheeks hurt from smiling. Cheez-O, I know, but it’s the truth…It’s been a long time since that’s happened and I am still floating around in a post-show daze with pink hearts and stars floating around my head. I LOVE this band. Forever….

Friday night started off the weekend with some last minute running around…an eyebrow wax and a mani (Essie “marshmallow” because my standard “limo-scene” was nowhere to be found…) , a trip to ulta for fake eyelashes I didn’t end up wearing (necessary, obviously.) and a big box of vino to get me through the night of getting ready for Saturday (i.e. trying on everything in my closet – none of which fits me – drinking more wine – freaking out – deciding I am no longer going to the show – realizing I have to go to the show, even if I have to wear a mumu – crying – eating a giant bowl of pasta - passing out with nothing done.)…

Saturday morning, the boys headed out early to give me some alone time to get ready in peace, which I deemed a true Christmas Miracle, and I was even able to have a few extra minutes to run into Kohl’s and grab a pair of leather gloves (on which I saved something like $47 because I am a freakin’ animal.)…I had a haircut & blowout at 1:30 at a new place that I am completely obsessed with and, of course, they did an amazing job and since you get what you pay for, I am now broke as a joke. But damn my hair looked fantastic!

All this to drop Benny off at his Aunt Amy’s house and jam to catch the 4:26 train into the city....

We grabbed the F train down to 2nd Ave & headed over to Katz’s Delicatessen for some indescribably amazing pastrami on rye and a much needed cold beer (Fake orgasm scene not re-enacted, thank you for wondering), did a double take in front of National Underground (which I always want to call Digital Underground, cuz, you know, The Humpty Dance is your chance to do The Hump. Duh.) and sent a quick text to my Sami to let her know that she and her lovah Gavin DeGraw were with us in spirit…

then we ran across the street and squished ourselves into the world’s smallest live music venue for some drinks & some snuggles & some good conversation with my favorite boys, Ninedays & some of my favorite girls too….

It was blissful being back in the audience amongst the devoted few who would still, many years later, travel far and wide to see that somewhat messy, kind of weird but always amazing band play their hearts and sing their brilliant lyrics. Those are my people. That is my happiness right there, and I missed it so.

Brian had sent me a message on facebook a couple of weeks ago making sure that I was coming to this show (as if.) because he had something to give me….and, not 3 seconds after their set ended my sweet friend waves me over, digs in his bag and, all the way from Nashville, unfolded, un-bent and in immaculate condition, produces David Cook’s autograph. To me. to ME.

I’m not going to lie, it was one of my most favorite moments of my life.

Not because I don’t already have at least 6 things signed to me from David…..or 12…or possibly a hundred at this point. I am sort of out of control….but because of the way it came to me. How thoughtful and awesome was Brian to do that for me? How elated was I that my worlds were colliding in such a harmonious and freakin’ AMAZING way?? I just stood there holding it, beaming, pretty much speechless except to say “OMG! TELL ME THE STORY!! TELL ME THE STORY!!!!” because, obviously.

It turns out that they’re neighbors! Brian moved down to Nashville a few years ago, and David moved there last year and, apparently, they ended up in the same neighborhood….with similar paths, similar talents and similar stories, of course they have become friends, plan to write together, plan to blow my mind! Sometimes life is just so cool…

It started to snow, so we snapped a few ridiculous pictures for old times sake, grabbed a cab back to Penn and made our way home to snuggle with The Little and rest up for Super Bowl Sunday….

Hmmmm…..yeah. There was not too much that was “super” about Sunday. Beaten and exhausted, we barely made it to the diner for breakfast by 11 (Big Thanks to our babysitter, Dora the Explorer for entertaining Ben all morning while we nursed our nasty cases of Being No Longer 22)….came back home to nap until 3 and then whipped up a quick Buffalo Chicken Dip and headed over to our friends’ house for food and football….and water….lots of water and Advil….

Who won the game? I passed out after Beyonce. Bish is fierce.

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Sami said...

I love you so many! It made me smile so much that you thought to include Gav and I in your weekend! Love seeing you so happy and smiling and having fun! Let's go to Nashville and stalk David Cook because obviously there is a National Underground there TOO, and also Gav has been down there hanging out with Colbie bleh!

Kim said...

What else is there even to say except that you're so amazing and I love this post times 100??

I just about died for the arrival of Destiny's Child on stage. Just about died.

I'm so happy that you had such an amazing, happy, love-filled weekend. I love it! :) Is it weird now that Absolutely (Story of A Girl) makes me think of you now?

noreenmarie said...

I love love love the story about the autograph, and how they are BFF now! So cool! :) Glad you had a great time! I was figuring you were hungover, since you were VERY quiet on FB and twitter. LOL