Thursday, February 28, 2013

toddler bliss & mommy angst

We found ourselves in a magical place last Saturday afternoon….full of stuff to learn and get into and crawl on and mess with and touch and (much to my dismay) LICK and fall off of and run into and slide down and destroy….

The Children’s Museum was a trip to Heaven and an Attention Deficit Meltdown for Ben, all rolled into one….I’d love to say “his favorite thing was…” except he didn’t hold still long enough to discover it….which is exactly how life is supposed to be when you are 2...

although, if I had to take a stab at guessing, my money would be on the elevator….what can I say? Somebody has a mild obsession with buttons, and an elevator? Has more buttons than anything. Every time we went past it he was all ZOMGGGGGGG buttons!!!!!! And beelined straight for the open doors…

MY favorite part was the stop at Chipotle for lunch afterwards. Why have no pictures of that little slice of bliss nobody knows.

Every once and awhile in the middle of the depressing, blustery, grey days of winter up here in this delightful {sarcasm} place I am, for now, stuck calling “home”, you need to get out and stretch, spread your wings and absorb some color, excitement and gleeful toddler squeeling. It feeds the soul.

I’m happy to say my soul is fed for the next few weeks. My sweet boy had a blast.

Folks, don’t think it has gone unnoticed by me that things are a little strange here on this blog these days. I’m really trying hard, which I’m sure is obvious, because, at least to me, it seems the harder I “try” the more contrived posts tend to become and nobody wants to read that crap. It feels inauthentic, robotic and awkward, and I know you feel it too. Maybe it’s winter. Maybe it is the things in my life that go undiscussed (not a word, I know.) here….whatever it is, something is clouding my vision and squelching my creativity. Suffocating the ability I used to have to run wild and free over here. I miss it more than anyone.



Anonymous said...

Oh what fun! I'm so glad Benny had a great time and you had a soul-filling time. Those days are needed.
As far as the blog's concerned, sometimes you just need to write whatever comes out. We shouldn't feel the need to write prolific posts every time. Hell, that's what makes us real, the posts that don't sound perfect. In fact, I prefer to read the off-kilter ones from the blogs I follow. Makes them seem more real. I can't be friends with someone who's perfect and unattainable.

noreenmarie said...

I agree with the above poster. It's YOUR blog, we, as your readers and friends, want to hear what's going on with you, and how you feel. If you are down, we want to hear it, and try to lift you up in some way. Nobody's life is perfect. Everyone has down days, down weeks, even down months! I've been in my own woah-is-me bubble since I've been home from vacation. It happens. Don't feel that every post has to be all rainbows and butterflies. ;)

LOVE the pictures-looks like he had SUCH a fun day! Awww. Miss his face! And yours.. xoxo