Friday, May 13, 2011

four months

 4 month appointment today...

1. the monkey is a freakin superstar. passed all his milestones with flying colors, doctor basically said he was perfect. he's eating like a wolverine and she loves it....tonight when we got home (after getting shots, you know, when most kids lose their appetites?) he ate a whole pouch of peas PLUS banana oatmeal. machine i tell you.

2. oh. his stats? right. NINETEEN POUNDS and 4 ounces and TWENTY SEVEN AND A QUARTER INCHES TALL. that's >95% for whoever is keeping track....god help my grocery bill....and his head went from the 50% to 75-90% which means he is getting even smarter so WATCH OUT!

no seriously, watch out. all of you. future jeopardy contestants especially. cuz he's watchin....AND CLEARLY he's a' learnin'...

he is currently crashed out in his rock n' play cuz i preemptively dosed him with tylenol....did i mention he is  a rockstar?

here are some 4 month pics that we took on his actual 4 month birthday which was almost 2 weeks ago cuz i suck at keeping up. shame on me.

happy four months to the love of my life!!!!!!!!!!

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