Thursday, May 5, 2011


ok, so i know that that catchphrase is SO last month but i'm not just tossing out gratuitous
charlie sheen crazyisms, I ACTUALLY AM WINNING!

i am seriously so excited….driving in to work this morning, in the hov lane at 70mph (oh dear), the dj on our goofy adult contemporary station starts talking about maroon 5 at jones beach this summer, and i perk up cuz i have been meaning to check the jones beach schedule for the last 2 weeks to see if they had updated with any new concert announcements because jones beach is the coolest place on the planet to see a concert! check it out…it’s right on the water…like last year? the new kids on the block jumped into the bay in the middle of their set. true story. i wasn't there, and the 15 year old girl inside of me who was definitely going to marry donnie wahlberg dies a little every time i think about that, but it is a true story nonetheless...

nothing says ‘summer’ to me like a show at jones beach with the humid sea breeze turning my hair into an afro! other than that whole ‘serial killer’ investigation thing, the skeletal remains of hookers stroon to and fro,  it’s one of my favorite places on long island…and the list is short people. the list is short….

so there i am, keeping one ear on the radio and one ear on my snoring monkey in the backseat and then the guy says “win them before you can buy them! be caller 9!” and i’m all “no way will i win” but then a little voice said “you sure won’t if you don’t try!” so i called up and I FRIGGIN’ WON!

i tried to be cute and charming in case they were putting me on the radio but i sounded like a complete ass cuz they really caught me off guard…i mean, caller 9? wtf? i’m not sure if i was on-air or not but i made sure to have the radio on a different channel for the next 10 minutes just in case so i didn’t have to listen to myself sounding like a tool.

so my love michele, i always tell her she is one of the only friends i have that i actually like (another short list)….she has a serious THING for adam levine and i can’t say i blame her except that he’s gotta be like 6’3’’ and weighs less than i did in the 4th grade, but whatever, he’s still sexy as all hell.

i mean, hot, right? but eat a sandwich. you're making the rest of us look bad, dude...
p.s. there were WAY more NSFW versions of this picture it. rawr.

i definitely won these tickets for her. we saw them together last summer at the beach when i was halfway through my pregnancy, at that stage where i still felt kind of like the cute pregnant girl and not the bloated, puffy, pissed off beached whale that emerged in my last trimester who would get all stabby and scream profanity at ‘house hunters’. anyway, we seriously had SO much fun that i promised her next year we would splurge and get tickets up front no matter what they cost and now we don’t have to spend anything cuz i am WINNING!

 btw, committing to something like that speaks volumes when mr. david cook is not the artist in question. …but i digress....

oh david cook, what are you doing here? get off my blog. it's not about YOU all the time. jeez.

So yeah! i’m WINNING! only for real, so put that in your crack pipe and smoke it, chuck…

AND i’m also winning because tomorrow night, me and the hubs scored some sweeeeeeet seats to see the mets play my l.a. dodgers from a friend of his who works for the company who owns the mets so not only do i get to see my beloved hometeam whoop some ny booty, i get to do it at cool-ass citi-field in seats 3 rows off the dugout with this view of david wright’s butt:

aaaaaaaand access to the delta club! what? whose life is this? Photobucket


MissAllie said...

Well I DO love you...but the Mets better whoop the Dodgers butt!!!

You are a doll and I love you...that is all!

Skye said...

oooh have fun at the game ... I am sure the Dodgers will win LOL ... (I'm a yankees fan!)