Friday, May 27, 2011

sunday brunch

things have been rough around here, hence the MIA. ben has apparently contracted the ever feared RSV from the daycare upon which i will forever wish fire and brimstone (except for when my baby is there........).

 i seriously cannot take it anymore. HE IS  A BABY. a little tiny, helpless little monkey. and it is because of ME that he is subjected to germs and viruses on a daily basis that HURT him and make him 40% more likely to develop asthma and............i hate daycare. i can't write about it right now. i know that the anger i would spew would be entertaining for many and relateable for all but i can't. right now, i need to think positive for my monkey that he just can breeze through this. his doctor saw him today and said his breathing has improved "marginally" since wednesday. he is still on breathing treatments. nebulizer. albuterol. every 4 hours. he is still as sweet, charming and cute as ever.

i am, no matter what challenges lie ahead, SO lucky.

a week and a half ago when we were all fresh off sping break and healthy and horses, his aunt Kathy came by to spend an inexplicably delightful sunday brunch with all of us. there were delicious bloody mary's, lox and bagels, fruit salad and many, many hugs............every sunday should be spent EXACTLY this way.
ben loves his aunt kathy.......

(p.s. don't give me the side eye like that is a mix. i make my bloddy mary's the same as i make my margaritas. from scartch. blood, sweat and tears and fresh squeezed lime. don't eff with me)

i freakin LOVE you aunt kathy!

i so hope we can do it again SOON!!!!!!!!!!

and i hope i can find that bloody mary recipe soon too so i can post was freakin;s arond here somewhere...(help?)

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noreenmarie said...

I don't even LIKE bloody marys but those look good! And the bagels? Wow. Awesome camera. And it goes without saying how adorable Ben is! I hope he gets better soon. :) love you and miss you!