Tuesday, May 31, 2011

last night?

this happened...

and i died a hundred and seventy seven million times.

dear time,
please stop. i can't function anymore with my little boy growing at warp speed.
love, rach

p.s. i mean for real? omg. he is holding his own bottle. and not like for 8 seconds. that is so last month. he held it and ate it till he was almost done. almost because when there was like an ounce left, i finally snapped and ripped it from his poor little tiny monkey paws.........

i am a terrible mother, but he deserves it for breaking my heart like that. dammit.


insertwittytitleheremomstired said...

WTH? He is NOT old enough to be doing such things. You tell him to stop it right this second. I mean, considering his size, it is about time he started pulling some of his own weight ;) but still. This is not.okay. Don't make me come back there Benoose the moose!

Skye said...

OK ... if it makes you feel any better- Julianna did the same thing for a few weeks .. then she just decided she did not want to hold it anymore - she went back to being a diva - she is one now, and we STILL hold it for her! LOL Maybe your little guy will 'revert' back ;)