Wednesday, February 1, 2012

over the hump


i'm alive.

i know, it's been a few days...things are a little weird over here. it's february, so the way i see it, winter is almost over and i refuse to say out loud what i'm thinking (hoping...) but just to give you a hint i'll quickly mention that it's supposed to be SIXTY here today. i told you, weird things.

and that little groundhog f$@#er better decide to stick around tomorrow morning cuz i am not in the market for winter showing up late and loud either. that's all i am going to say about that. read between the lines.

a few more weird things....guess who is walking???

sort of. i mean, he is, but it's still about a 97/3 split. 97% being the amount of time he prefers to crawl...but he was going at it like a wild man last night....and then, he got so excited he couldn't fall asleep, slept like hell all night long and, well, i've been up since 4am fighting off angry voices in my head and some very scary thoughts that i haven't heard heads nor tails from since i started the crazy pills. not an old friend i missed, i can say that for i've got some phonecalls to make. right now i just feel like i have sand under my eyelids and that quesy feeling in the pit of my stomach. that feeling born of insufficient sleep and oversufficient stress. he's really, really cute and i sure do love him but holy SHIZZNIT, that kid could use some sleeping lessons.

this was all done with mirrors.

i'm doing the february photo a day challenge on instagram! are you?? i am commited! follow me! my user name is rach_loveyoumore. speaking of february....29 days this year. see? weird.

i've got something else i want to talk about too, i just have to figure out how i want to put it into words. it's about my kid playing favorites. and it's not making me feel too hot lately. save up your thoughts, cuz i'm gonna need a little support...

i am feeling positive about one thing though....the buffalo chicken dip i am making on sunday! oh thank god i was able to turn this post around...i was feeling like a real sad sack there for a minute. everybody makes it a little would be timely of me to make a big batch tonight and post "my" version tomorrow, complete with pics, but um...i'm not even going to pretend that if i did that, i wouldn't eat the whole entire freakin' pan of it and then be sick....and also, i am home alone with the sleepless monkey tonight while the hubs is out galivanting with my ex-imaginary boyfriend...long i'll be late to the party as usual and probably be discussing that little scrumptious number sometime around tuesday or so....maybe...god, what day is it even? i am a total zombie.

so uh...go giants? zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.................


noreenmarie said...

Can't believe he's walking! Or almost. ;)
I need to be trying that dip, soooo yummy!
Ugh, isn't Scott out enough this month with hockey? That definitely deserves a trip for you and I to Perabell. :)

Anonymous said...

When you say "little scrumptious" you're talking about Hampson, right? I've found that nothing can straighten out a sour mood quicker than a little eye candy and some flirting.
Congrats on the walker! I'm sure he was just too excited about how awesome he is to just fall right to sleep. It happens all the time to Britt.
As far as favorites, I'm all geared up and ready to discuss that!

Amber said...

Yay for monkey man walking!! Aubree just started sitting up and it is making me realize she is growing up already!! It happens so fast. Your dip sounds yummy! I could literally live on chips and dip!!!!!!!

Skye said...

Hooray for the walking boy! Yayyyy!!! How awesome! I know when Julianna started walking, she loved to crawl for a couple weeks still and then one day, she was done with crawling and decided walking was best form of transportation for her. Done with crawling just like that. LOL
Oh and - 60 degrees was a tease yesterday. Come on SPring you can't be here soon enough!

And *GO GIANTS*!!!!