Thursday, May 17, 2012


I’m back.

But I’m not really back. I mean…..well, I don’t know. I just wanted to pop in really quick and give you guys an update on the shellac mani, and I was going to take a picture to prove to you that these things are, in fact, still chip free and perfect looking just like the day I got them done a full WEEK ago (which is totally incredible to me!) and then I went to take the picture and oh muh gawd my cuticles are a scraggy MESS so sorry, but you’ll have to trust me. the polish still looks amazing, the cuticles? Not so much. So I can admit when I’m wrong…I kind of love the shellac and I don’t know how I’m going to go back to regular now, but I feel like it will be better for my nails to save the shellac for special occasions so…sigh….first world problems.

I’m working on my mood. A heartfelt thank you to everyone who expressed concerns over my real estate drama and who offered advice, kind words and sympathy. It still sucks the big one, but we are working on a solution. Sometimes it just feels like it’s a never-ending cycle and I’m so sick of hearing “it’s only temporary” because it’s been a LONG ASS ‘temporary’ and I am more than ready to move on to a new phase. I need sunny skies and something to look forward to and daydreams and hope for the future and to KNOW…really, really KNOW in my heart that there is an end date to all the superfluous BS. I just want to live simply, with as few trivial mind-sucks as possible. I’m becoming so much more aware since Ben was born, like all parents, I’m sure, of how fast time flies. Of how if you make the mistake of blinking, all of the sudden they are graduating from college.  I’m becoming desperate to stop and pristinely absorb moments, but my head is so clouded with worries about money and other things that don’t matter. Thieves of joy, robbing me of Kairos Time. I just want to be with my baby, and know that the future holds for us endless exciting moments and beautiful memories that will turn him into a loving, thoughtful, creative, gracious, respectful, gentle, brilliant young man.

So yeah, hi. My nails still look great, sorry I am such a sad-sack sometimes, we’re getting in touch with a real estate agent, an attorney, the bank etc….and we’re still going to Sesame Place this summer. Come hell or high water, my boy will have breakfast with Elmo. I mean, let’s prioritize here, eh?



Anonymous said...

I love you. This, too, shall pass... glad the nails look great. Mostly, glad you have your priorities straight!

Andi said...

Cute picture of Ben!!!!! i love sidewalk chalk. As for the rest - I love you, you know this. :) Life does go by so fast = that's why we've just got to be present in the present and make the best out of whatever the crapthatislife gets thrown at us. Not always easy - I know. On the bright side, I'll bet kids don't care about Seasame Place as much as they do about snuggling up with a happy mom and dad at the end of a long day of playing in dirt and eating worms. :) At least that's what I'm telling myself since we can't afford to take Grayson to cool places like that yet. lol.

Amber said...

Jim and I are going to Gulf Shores for 5 days!!! in a few weeks and I think I shall get a shellac mani so it will last through all of my pool time...can't wait, thanks for the advice you sexy bish