Tuesday, May 1, 2012

viva la fiesta...

So Cinco de Mayo is a big deal around these parts….

Being from SoCal, I consider myself at least a quarter Mexican, and lemme tell you something these Yankees up here know nothing about (besides being polite….but I digress….)

Mexican food!

So naturally, a couple of years after I wound up here, with a mean jones for a proper fiesta, I took it upon myself to educate a select few on the virtues of killer chicken fajitas, enchiladas suizas and margaritas made with hand squeezed lime juice, blood, sweat and tears (none of that margaritaville mix crap on my watch)…..

that's a LOT of freakin' limes, by the way.

I knocked on the wall of our co-op and hollered to Matt & Michele, who would soon become two of our very best friends, to come on over and do some shots, we made a couple of phone calls, the tiny apartment filled up and what resulted, was pretty much the stuff of infamy. In the years that followed,  that “select few” turned into, basically, everyone we knew (and a handful of rif raf we'd never met before)….t-shirts were made, friends flew in from Vegas, Colorado & Virginia, my mother-in-law did jello shots, somebody always ended up on the pole…. Usually not very gracefully…. things got rowdy….

(Yes. There was a stripper pole in my basement. Don’t judge.)

Last year, I was committed to not dropping the ball and I tried to throw the party to end all parties, all with a 5 month old strapped to my chest in the Moby. Yikes.

Sadly, this year, things are a little wonky and I can’t quite find my mojo, but at the last minute, I decided that maybe there won’t be worm eating, maybe there won’t be pole dancing but BY GOD, there will be guacamole!!!!

Ole, bitches. Viva la fiesta.



insertwittytitleheremomstired said...

I just, I don't even want to think about not being there. It saddens me.
I have the perfect pic of your MIL doing shots, too.
Plus, how can it even be CDS without Andi there?!

Sami said...

Okay this looks fabulous! I love Cinco de Mayo. Any excuse to drink Tequila is okay with me, even though Tequila and I always end badly ;)

Andi said...

As if you don't already know this, I am going to be in a drunken stupor from now until the SIES de Mayo so that I can block out thought of you guys enjoying your AMAZING guacamole, margaritas and chicken fajitas without me. Serious depression settling in...

noreenmarie said...

YAY! Can't wait! Seriously, your invite really made my week. It's been a hellish week or so for me, but this brought a smile to my face. :)

Emily said...

Looks like a blast!

Amber said...

I am so there. Shine the pole and I will bring an extra bottle of patron. It's on like donkey kong. Is that hott chick tossing your pinata's salad? I love your parties.

Skye said...

That all looks like a blast - wow! Look at all those crazy people! ha! Those were the days .... I think I would need to recover for 2 weeks after a party like that LOL. Have fun this year.... even if there won't be a stripper pole lol