Monday, August 13, 2012

a whole lotta nothin'

I'm the world's worst blogger. I know this. Don't think it has gone unnoticed by me that I am blogging once a week max these days. I can't get my act together. I am uninspired....I definitely have things to blog about, like, I went into NYC Saturday to meet up with my girlfriends for the first time in seriously forever and we had a ball...there was brunching with fabulous gay boys at a restaurant that should have been a spa, there were bloody marys and fancy cocktails and the requisite zip through times square....then there may or may not have been a small amount of buzzed tweeting to boys whom we sometimes really believe are our actual celebrity-ish boyfriends, there was much shopping at Lush (oops.) because I feel entitled in August since it is my birfday...

Then, I came home Saturday to a package from the mailman stuffed with the hair extensions I ordered (see above paragraph re: birthday entitlement) that I am SO stoked about even though they weigh as much as a small car and are hotter than mother effing hell.

Please pay no attention to the fact that I clipped them into my affro after spending the whole day traipsing through midtown in 90% humidity...if I ever bother to actually put them in to go out somewhere as opposed to just playing dress-up in my house, I'll curl them right and make them look presentable, take some pics and blog it out, but don't hold your breath on that cuz I am about the laziest person I ever met. So, they're from Locks & Bonds and the color is absolutely scrumptious and they feel like silk and their shipping was lightening fast. Like I said, I haven't styled them yet, not that I'm some expert, but so far so good and I totally recommend buying your hairz from them, if you're in the market for hairz.

See? I told you I was tapped out. It's my birthday week, I've got zilch for plans besides hosting a fun giveaway for all of you, so make sure you come back next Monday for that aaaaand that's all she wrote.


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The Sweetest Thing said...

Stop being so darn cute, missy!!! Hope you are well... can we get some recipes to your girl who doesn't know how to cook?!