Tuesday, August 7, 2012

just call me Grace...

Let’s talk for a minute about my weekend, although it really could have been any of the weekends of my life. I keep things pretty consistent for the most part….I’ll sum it up short and sweet….there was wine and now? There are injuries. Let’s be honest, even in the absence of wine, with me, you can usually count on at least an injury a week. as Scott likes to say, “I’m not so fleet of foot…”.

Noreen and I went on a trolley tour of the North Fork Wineries…it was a blast. The wine was delish and plentiful, the company was fantastic…but both of us were most excited for the post-winery stop at Tattoo Lou’s…

Want to feel better about yourself? I’m about to make that happen….think of a place where you really, really hope to come off at least a little bit more fancy funky fresh than you really are….where you just desperately need whatever bits of "hip" your soul might possess to shine center stage and not embarrass the f*ck out of you, just this once. Tattoo Lou’s seems like a good place for that, right? I mean, cuz only bad asses have tattoos (?), and so there you are, walking into….scratch that, sauntering into Tattoo Lou’s, channeling your inner Angelina Jolie, ready to get inked….but instead of gracefully sauntering in, if you’re ME, instead, you get the toe of your FLAT sandal stuck under the door jamb and you trip, landing splayed out across the floor of the grody tattoo parlor, the bell tied to the door all jingling, everyone turning to stare….

I like to make an enterance.

Psh……what? That's how I roll folks.

last pic ever of the tat free right wrist....a work in progress & the finished product. i love.

So, yea, that happened. You really cannot take me anywhere. I stood up. I dusted myself off (because lord only knows what cooties reside on that floor), I made the announcement to my adoring public “I’m ok! I’m ok…I’m just THAT girl…”  and everyone had a chuckle while I skulked over to the wall and comforted my bruised ego…and my bruised arm…and my bruised knees…..

this is the bruise today. yummy, huh?

Then, we had some unbelievably incredible Mexican food and margaritas which I unapologetically scarfed down with reckless abandon. Oops.  Because nothing soothes a bruised ego like tequila, baby….

Today is a very special day……it is the BIRTHDAY of one of my Bloggie Besties, Amber…this girl…she is the whole package. She cracks me up on the daily…she is gorgeous, and funny and smart as a whip. Go show her some birthday love today!!!! And enter her giveaway too, while you’re at it!!!  Ambizzle, I hope you can feel all the love and kisses I’m sending your way gurl…I am so happy we found each other…LOVE YOU, BISH!!

p.s. Amber would NEVER fall flat on her face walking into a tattoo parlor. See? that’s what I mean. She’s the bomb.



Amber said...

OMG I laughed throughout this entire post! You should have your own reality show, seriously! I am shocked that you have tattoos! I love this one and the beautiful meaning behind it:) I love that you covered my roots up with a party hat!! I love you, girl. LEO'S UNITE!!

Sami said...

Love love love your tattoo! It's awesome, and you know what? I'm clumsy too especially when I've been drinking! I have the scars to prove it. Good thing bruises, scratches, and scars only make us look MORE BADASS :)

Niki said...

That is a HUGE bruise! Ouch! But that's totally something I can see myself doing. I absolutely love your tattoo - did it hurt? I want a cross on the inside of my left wrist but I'm scared I'll bleed to death!

Domestic Sweetheart said...

I heart your blog! I thought you would be interested in 2 blogs I'm hosting @ www.domesticsweetheart.com for Edward & Sons & VineyardFresh!

P.S. I'm a new follow on GFC!

noreenmarie said...

SUCH a fun day! We really had a blast. And your fall? I loved the "I'm THAT girl" part...;) Hope that nasty bruise heals fast! Love ya!

Courtney B said...

HAHAHA! I am sorry to laugh, but seriously! Hilarious. No wonder I love you so much. I have been known to fall down in the most humiliating of places! Or you know... I walk out of the public restroom with toilet paper hanging out the back of my pants. I seriously don't understand how this stuff happens to me!
And now I'm going to go look up mexican restaurants in this town because you have me cravin' some!! :)

Kim said...

Love that new tattoo - it's seriously gorgeous!

FYI - I nominated you for an under-200 blogging award on my blog! Stop by sometime and check it out! :)