Thursday, October 11, 2012

baby talk

If you’re looking to start a conversation with this sweet little face, things might not go as smoothly as you’d hope. Homeboy has his own language and since, in my humble opinion, he is absolutely the sweetest, most delectably delicious, irresistible and scrumptious little nugget to ever grace the earth, I’ve no doubt you’re going to request a translator.

Momma to the rescue…

Here I present to you
 The English Language According to Bennett
 age: 21 months

Ah-bway-u = airplane
Choo = train
Cah! = car
Ah-po = apple
Peeeeeez = please
Baba = bottle
Uckie = poop
Tees = teeth
Coooookie = cookie, or goldfish
Ot = hot
BU! UHN! = button
Buckle = bubbles
Duck = duck
Buh-eee = bunny
No = no
'Niiighhhh = goodnight
Moo Moo = moon
Dah! = dog
Ite! – light
Pooool - pool
'Tah = guitar
Bah-Pah = back pack
Gohhhhh = gone
A' duh! = all done
Ow-wah = flower
Thooooo = shoes
Kween! = Lightening McQueen
A-Whey-You = whale

Good Luck!



Anonymous said...

Aww! I love kid speak. So cute. Now we just need video.

Skye said...

I love toddler talk. Love it. I love the words my daughter uses - so cute! Squirrel = Skirl. We pull up to the house and she says "Mama, look - skirls!!" - and her word for spaghetti is "Sta-detti".

Sami said...

Because I am a blonde airhead, I believe that I thought your child's name was Benjamin but now that I know his name is Bennett he is even cuter (as if that is possible)! I love that name and I love his toddler language!

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

AAAH! Stop it!! Could I love him ANY MORE?! Love love love this.


LOVE him. Love you. xoxoxoxoxo

elise said...

new[est] follower. can't wait to keep reading! isn't baby talk the best?! he is adorable by the way.

stop by sometime!