Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Favorites

In an effort to shift the mood to happy up in this MoFo, I am linking up today for Friday Favorites…..I’ve been doing Friday’s Letter’s a lot lately and to be perfectly honest, the letter I wrote Tuesday is still exhausting me
so back to puppies and rainbows and unicorn farts, yes??

Favorite thing about today

this guy is my hero.

I didn’t get called for jury duty & I’m off the hook for the next 6 years!!! #booyah

Favorite Latest Beauty Splurge

YSL Touche Eclat…this concealer really is magical. The formula is so thin it’s more like a veil than a spackle like most concealers tend to be. I think it is meant specifically for use in the undereye area and the consistency is perfect for that because it’s so thin, it doesn’t settle into lines and look crêpey and gross after an hour, but still manages to do the job all day long. The only downside to this is, because it is not dry and pasty like other concealers, I have noticed I’m a little more prone to raccoon eyes while wearing it, but that’s nothing a quick q-tip can’t clean up. Love this stuff,

Favorite Latest Fashion “Splurge”

Ok, it’s not really a splurge, but I do get anxiety shopping anywhere besides Forever 21 these days….I bought this blazer in total desperation last Saturday morning for The Event Which Shall Not Be Named and I am so crazy in love with it, it’s nuts. It adds just the right edge to an otherwise snooze of an outfit and ups the glam factor just enough. Plus, it’s super comfy and flattering. I’m not usually a blazer girl, but this one won me over, bigtime.

Favorite Husband

MINE. Look what he brought me Wednesday for no reason just because he loves me! He’s cute….I think he does these things mostly for the praise he gets from the girls at work and my friends when I brag about what a sugar he is. Not to blow up his game, but don’t be totally fooled, ladies, he has his moments… when he farts on me. But regardless, he’s a keeper. I’m a lucky girl.

p.s now that I wrote up this whole post I see that there is no linkup today for Friday Faves. Bummer. I’m posting it anyway.



ty said...

NO lie, my blood boiled a little reading that affidavit, hahaha.

Love the jacket ... may have to be a copycat.

Kim Orpin said...

I'm glad that your favorite husband is your husband ;)

Kim said...

you're killin' it this week.

Niki Caron said...

Your husband is so sweet!!! And I just bought the Touche Eclat too! Isn't it incredible?!!! I used it for the first time last Saturday for that outfit post I did with the boots and I felt like the pictures came out great because of it (at least in the beauty department) :) And I LOVE that blazer. I also have anxiety shopping anywhere other than F21 lately... which is why I fully plan on blowing my wad at F21 this weekend! That sounds creepy. You know what I mean!!!

Anonymous said...

Wait? I'm confused. Isn't your husband supposed to be disgusted by, and ashamed of, you?! Right? I mean, after that whole stint of going out with a friend on a Saturday night and flirting with another human! For shame! You know I love you. And look at him being all sweet with the flowers...what is he wanting, another trip to Costco?
Love the blazer but I don't think I could pull one off. I'd love to, but everyone in the small town would probably not find it fashionable as they're still wearing their 3" shoulder padded blazers from the 80s, non-ironically.

Lisamarie said...

Oh man... you touched a sore subject for me. Jury duty and the legal system in general... no one appreciates it until they need it.

Amber said...

He farts ON you? Just no. But the flowers are sweet. and he's cute so we will forgive him. MUAH

noreenmarie said...

Pretty, pretty flowers! He done good.. :)

Meg {henninglove} said...

ok how did you get off the hook of jury duty for 6 years?? i served last december and i was asked to serve earlier in september. i requested an excuse for the reason being i served within the past year. they didn't like my excuse and the scheduled me for jury duty starting christmas eve!! i will call those people out as grinch and scrooge all rolled up into one

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

I'm so glad you shared your concealer secret. I'm pretty convinced that I just don't know how to wear that stuff. I need undereye help pronto!! And some lessons on application or SOMETHING!? My undereye bags are a major issue lately. Blah. Give that sweet hubby an extra hug...he rocks. :D