Tuesday, March 19, 2013

everything you never wanted to know....

about my makeup & skincare routine.... 

First things first. Let's address the elephant in the room, shall we?

I’m not gonna lie… this whole Bloglovin’ transition is really throwing me for a loop, and I was in enough of a funkydunk before this all happened. I don’t even really know WHAT happened, but I know I’m caught up in the propaganda of it all and you know what? I’m not such a fan of change. I mean, I like to change where I live. That’s fun. Run away to where nobody knows my name or my face and I can be whoever I want to be, start from scratch? That’s my bag. But taking away my google reader and moving me to Bloglovin’ is messing with my comfort zone and I’m kind of all screwed up about it. and I have PMS. And it’s still effing snowing. So you can imagine the mood I am in, yes?

So instead of anything meaningful, this morning, I was staring down in a zombie-like trace at my basket of makeup thinking ‘you know what would be interesting? If I wrote a blog post about my makeup.” Cuz in a zombie trance, That really did seem like it might be interesting. If it’s not, forgive me. I’m a little off kilter these days….

I wash my face every morning & every night. It doesn’t matter if I am exhausted, drunk, sick, didn’t wear makeup all day…doesn’t matter. Face gets washed twice a day. It is my religion. At night I use Origins Checks & Balances because it takes off my mascara well & I am way too lazy to add the extra step of eye makeup remover. Also, it lathers awesome and smells like clean trees and eucalyptus or something. In the morning, I use either something gentle like Neutrogena or a couple times a week, I use this amazing exfoliating cleanser I got in my Birchbox one month called Vasanti Brighten Up, and it’s the best exfoliator ever.

To moisturize, for daytime I use Clinique All About Eyes & Estee Lauder Daywear + SPF. It smells like cucumbers & does a fine job. Plus, Scott gets a discount cuz he works for EL, so everybody wins.

At night, I use Rapid Lash like it’s my job, moisturize with Pond’s dry skin cream (cuz that’s what my momma always did and it smells amazing) and then I use Ceramide Herbal Eye Cream by Mario Badescu. I have a deep love for Mario.

That’s my skincare routine…it’s subject to change, but that’s what’s working for me lately….

Here are more links to the stuff I use on the daily….and please share your faves with me too! I love hearing about what everybody else does to get pretty!!!

1. Garnier BB Cream (I used to love this like whoa, but I am starting to stray. I recently fell in love with a CC Cream from my Birchbox and I think that's going to be my new love....see #4)
2. Chanel Glossimer glosses. I had a real habit there for awhile. They are on the sticky side, but soooo sparkly......
3. Elf blush in Pink Passion I was a little afraid of this when I first bought it, but it is the greatest, perky shade of happy pink & it stays on all day when my Chanel blush is rubbed off my 10am.
4. Juice Beauty CC Cream - I am obsessed. This stuff is amazing.
5. Too Faced Sun Bunny Bronzer - this stuff ain't cheap, but it will last forever. I've gone a little heavy handed once or twice and it's easy to get your Snooki on with this, but if you exercise caution, it's the perfect brozer.
6. That's my Rapid Lash right there...I live for this stuff. My lashes were sad and piddly. Now I get compliments. #Boom. The End.
7. More Glossimer. I have a problem.
8. MAC shadows in Vapour, Cork & Naked Lunch. I also use both Urban Decay Naked Palattes all the time.
9. My mascara routine consists of four steps. First, I curl the lashes, then I put on Origins Underwear for Lashes (#11), then a coat of Diorshow in black, then Estee Lauder Zero-Smudge Double Wear. Yes, I'm exhausted.
10. Revlon Eyelash Curler. I used to have a fancy one but it broke.
12. MAC Concealer in NC20. I don't love this, and I ran out of my YSL Touche Eclat and cannot afford a replacement. Srsly, that shiz is expensive. So I use this. It's just ok for me, dawg.
13. All of my brushes & pencils....mostly, I use MAC liners in Teddy & Smolder and lip pencil in Stone & Subculture.



Sami said...

Hi, I miss you like a fat kid misses his cake.. but I catch up on the Benny pictures on Insta and it makes my heart smile.

Tell me when/where/why/how to buy RapidLash. I needz.

Courtney B said...

I'm so confused with bloglovin! And I don't have enough time to sit down and actually figure it out. Sooooo... if I disappear from blogland let's just blame it on bloglovin! Oh wait.... I already did and I blame it on my precious baby :)