Friday, March 8, 2013

it's just a little crush...

I’m a sucker for a good crush….

I’ve pretty much got one crush or another running at all times, whether it is a crush on some rock star (I use the term loosly) like David Cook or some loser like Adam Richman or some once-was-a-rockstar-but-now-is-an-english-teacher friend of ours named John Hampson…

I’m even prone to the Girl Crush, not in a Katy Perry, I Kissed a Girl & I liked It way, but in a 100% non-sexual yet still 100% swoon-worthy way. It usually has to do with their beautiful hair or perfect skin or incredibly enviable sense of effortless style or their easy, breezy humor or their wit and charm or their talent with words….

It seems I’m not alone.

Miss Erin over at Living in Yellow had this great idea to do a sort of blogger confesh sesh where we all just come clean about those bloggers we’re crushing on for one reason or another….

I wear my heart on my sleeve, so the fact that I’m crushing on these lovelies probably won’t come as a surprise to you or to them, but here they are….my blog crushes. Go visit them. I bet you’ll fall in love, just like I am…

Kim from Typical Kim

This girl. This girl is as real as it gets. From the very first time I read her words, I knew she was special. She is one of my people. You know what I mean, when you just find one of your own. It’s a “home” sort of feeling. It’s rare and it’s awesome. She’s crazy smart and crazy cute and she has a really awesome dog that she loves to death. When I read her blog, I never want to stop….like I want her to write books, so I can read 500 pages in a sitting. So, I sent her cheese and she sent me cupcakes and we’ve been in love ever since. I feel very lucky I found this one…She is amazing.

Beth Anne from OK, BA!

This is one of those rockstar crushes like I talked about up there, cuz to me? Miss BA is a rockstar. She hardly knows I exist. I sort of feel like I felt in the 7th grade when I was head over heels in love with Marc Horton who was OMGGGG gorgeouuuus except, I was sort of a nerd, or I thought I was anyway, I was probably awesome…anyway, I loved him. Like, hard. And I never spoke to him the entire year. Not one word. But the whole school new I loved him and I wrote “I love Marc” all over everything, because I did…love him…my little 12 year old heart loved him like no other…and on the last day of school, my best friend took him my yearbook and asked him to sign it and do you know what he wrote? “Bug off! Marc”.

Actually, this is not like that at all, but I am glad I got that off my chest. No, BA is the opposite of that. She is….ready? To me, she is BRAVE, strong, smart, determined, motivated, FUNNY, real, honest, vulnerable, loving, gentle…she is an amazing mother with a love for her boy that is so strong I can feel it through her words and the relationship she has with her husband inspires me and just fills me with awe. She’s one cool lady. I want to be her best friend. But like I said, she barely knows I exist, so I’m probably bordering on creepy right now...I better move on…

(Amber, love, I'm sorry. I had to use this picture. I stalked your IG feed for it. I love it.)

This bish is my homegirl. Lets start with the obvious….girlfriend is drop dead gorgeous. Forget it. She’s perfect. Like, could I even go out to happy hour lunch with her without a bag over my head?  But besides that, she is my SAHM hero. She mothers those beautiful babies of hers with a heart unlike any other and her love is deep and pure and awesome. I can tell she loves her babes with the same heart my momma had and that, my friends, is a beautiful thing. You know who else she loves? Her husband, that lucky dog. Miss Amber does everything, and she’s honest when it overwhelms her and she tells the truth always and she’s funny….like seriously hysterical. andplusalso, my girl can hastag #LikeABOSS. I love this one with my heart.

My sweet, beautiful Ashley. Is she gorgeous or what? She is so gentle. She is the epitome of what a classy lady should be. She’s all please and thank you and southern charm and her eyelashes are the mose beautiful eyelashes I’ve ever seen….SHE is the most beautiful I have ever seen, inside and out. Her heart is just genuine and full and she is humble and thankful and….I love her. She was my very first blog crush, if we’re doing true confessions. Before we ever emailed, I’d read her blog and lost hours pouring over her beautiful photography, her adorable family, her daring and genius outfits, her touching words and her beautiful smile. Ashley is the real thing in the most delicate, ladylike, stunning package.

Now go pay them a visit and try not to fall in love…..betcha can’t help it!



Kim said...

You are too too much. I love you!! Can't wait to check out these other blogs. :)

applesandglue said...

I'll have to check out your blog crushes, I've never seen them before! :)

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

If there ever was a perfectly perfect compliment....this is it. I am smiling like an idiot and on the verge of tears at the very same time. I read about each and every crush....your kind and positive words jumping off the page because YOU are so honest and true and unique and just all around WONDERFUL. I want to click on all those gals and read & read & see that loveliness shine through just like you see it....because although we are super far apart, and okay, so we haven't really met each other (irl) I will always consider you my very best bloggy friend. A soulmate, even. I guarantee you...if only we were in the same time zone, we would be quite a pair. Inseparable even. Anyway, when I got down to your BEAUTIFUL words about me....I just don't even know how to say thank you. Seriously. Thank you times a million. I can only HOPE to be the person you golly, I'm going to strive to be!! I miss you like crazy, I've been THE WORST blogger, and not a great friend for almost a year now. So I'm sorry, I LOVE you, I'm going to do better when we get "home" and you are Aaaaaaaaamazing. No joke. You are the best, in a thousand ways: you are a NUMBER ONE, out of this world Mama to that sweet Benny, a funny, entertaining & honest blogger ( what a combo!!!) and the best online buddy I could ever ask for. You rock, my friend. I'm so thankful for you. Lets talk soon..... TEXT ME! Wheeeeeeee!!! So excited. Lots of love to you & the guys.....xoxoxo

Amber said...

I am gonna check out these other girls because if you love them, I will love them. You comparing my love for my babies to your mama's love is the sweetest thing anyone has ever said about me. I know how much you love your mama and seeing the amazing job she did with you gives me hope for my babes. You are so sweet and kind and GENUINE. I love you girl and one day I will drink wine with you in person. #watchoutworldwhenthathappens #ishgonnagetcray

Beth Anne said...

I'm legit in tears right now. You are the sweetest & the best & seemed to know that I NEEDED a kind word so badly this week.

xoxo. I'm going to have to copy you & do this. & I'm going to have to check out the other girls because if you love them, I'm sure I will.