Saturday, April 2, 2011

don't tell the pediatrician

i seriously don't know what my problem is. i know i don't want my little boy to grow up, but i am so excited for him to start eating solids i can hardly control myself. i was mooshing up microscopic chunks of banana on my finger and sticking it in his mouth at 6 weeks. at 7 weeks, i let him gum my apple core. i just want to see him experiencing flavors for the first time. i can't wait to go strawberry picking with him and watch him moosh peaches out of his mouth in the summertime....and i know all of this means his poop is going to stink even worse than it does now, which, after the gift he left me this morning is seriously hard to imagine, but i'm up for the challenge.....

so the "requirements" for starting your baby on cereal are that he be a "supported sitter" which ben definitely is, even though he still flops over in the bumbo. also, that he be at least 15 lbs. check! my little chunker is 15lb 8oz (90%) (after this morning's poop though, he's probably back to his birth weight....) (sorry for not updating after his 3 month weight check last week. i'm STILL sick and not sleeping. it really zaps all of the motivation and creativity out of my every pore. i hate it.). and being 4 months old....well, whatever. rules are made to be broken. he watches us with interest when we eat, he's pretty much lost his tongue thrust reflex and summer is getting closer every day!!!! gotta get this little boy ready for bbq ribs and potato salad and hot dogs!!!!!! (kidding. relax.)

i think he did pretty great!

p.s. how did i become the mom who blogs about her baby's poop. 7 posts in. awesome.


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