Wednesday, April 20, 2011

wordless(ish) wednesdays

i was going to write a post about why we call the monkey ben vereen (even though there really is no logical explanation) but i knew it was bound to get annoyingly verbose and to be honest, i just don't have the endorphins right now to be the person i need to be to write that post.
the last few days have been really hard. i'm feeling very overwhelmed, extremely anxious and mad. i'm crying all the time. i know i need to call a doctor and talk to somebody about this and i actually did the other day, but i got the machine and i didn't leave a message. anyway, whatever. even through this stupid sadness that's suffocating me at the moment, this little boy still brings me a happiness the depths of which i never knew existed and for that, i am ever thankful.

this is already way too many words for wordless wednesday.

here he is, testing out his highchair for the first time last night! he is the most beautiful thing. i swear he is. when he smiles like that, my heart physically hurts.
i'm pretty sure his heart physically hurts the same way when he sees a bowl of mashed bananas.
god i love this boy.

if i smile all cute and charming like this, can i have more bananas mom?


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