Sunday, April 24, 2011

happy easter!

ben got his first easter basket fromt he E.B. this morning, no doubt charmed by their meeting last week at the mall. he loved his striped rabbit, was unimpressed with 'pat the bunny' and seemed to really be getting into 'the velveteen rabbit' but then i lost it and started crying when the skin horse was explaining how toys become real so we had to put that away to finish later.

also, i just found this photo challenge for MULTICOLORED over at The Paper Mama so i thought i would join the party!

The Paper Mama

mom. seriously. get this rabbit off my head.


noreenmarie said...


Melissa said...

Why did I not know you had a blog? Love it! You are crazy perfect and so is your button! Love him!

Alison said...

That striped bunny is adorable!! Where'd you find it? Bennett is just precious, Rachel...enjoy this first Easter with the little guy! :) Hopefully he'll share his Peeps and chocolate bunny with you. :)

alicia said...

These pics are just precious.