Monday, April 2, 2012

you should always have something to look forward to...

Sometimes I feel like the looking forward is really the best part…it lasts so much longer than the actual event, you know? and I realize that’s a crappy attitude to have, since tomorrow is not promised and the happiest people live in the now and blah blah blah and there is a  LOT to be said for appreciating the moment while you’re in it, absolutely, but it’s so fleeting….why does it have to be so fleeting? Namely, vacations…, and good hair days, lazy, sunny Saturdays, concerts and prefect dinners….blink and they’re over, but if you take the time to anticipate them, it’s almost like you get to live them longer. Call me crazy…

This is my current list of anticipations…

  • lobster rolls in the sun
  • Ben's first trip to Disneyworld
  • St. Lucia
  • a finished staircase & photo wall
  • the 4th of July (even though it's on a Wednesday this year...)
  • fresh, sun ripened strawberries and my strawberry pie
  • gauze maxi skirts and sparkly sandals
  • sharing a Shake Shack burger with Ben at a Mets game
  • moving to Florida...or anywhere but here (as long as it's warmer and the people are nicer, cuz DAMN peeps are cranky here. yikes.)
  • a new car
  • the arrival of my new Clarisonic Mia (I ordered it! omg....tell me it will change my life!)
  • gelato
  • a trip to the wineries
  • BlogHer 2012
  • caprese salad made with tomatoes and basil from the back porch + local mozzarella from whole foods.
  • a coastal drive up to Maine, stopping for lighthouses, Boston accents, Fenway Park and every single lobster shack along the way.

what are YOU looking forward to?


noreenmarie said...

It's so true...look forward to something for what feels like forever, and it's over in a heartbeat. Sigh. But here is my list!

-trips (plural, I can't stay away for too long) to the wineries, sitting outside listening to live music with a glass of wine in my hand. ahhh.
-Flying up to Buffalo to see Melissa and more wineries/wings and Cracker Barrel!
-A weekend in DC/Alexandria to see Barb and catch a Yanks/Nats game. So excited!
-the following weekend going to Citi field with my aunt to see the Yanks/Mets play! And she's a Met fan. FUN! :)
-the beach, beach and more beach. Every Saturday/Sunday morning-Corey Beach, 2 miles away. Followed by Flo's for a beer or 2, outside.
And lobster rolls...hopefully YOURS at some point! :)

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Have you ever been to BlogHer before?! Wonder if I should go sometime! I just joined them!

MessyDirtyHair said...

I so agree w having stuff to look forward too! It's what keeps me going! I'm looking forward to Hawaii at the end of the month, my birthday, beach weather, and the OC fair!

Xx Kelly

Courtney B said...

LOVE this post!! You are sooo right. We NEED things to look forward to! I'm going to sit down tonight and create my list :) I can tell you right now that I am definitely looking forward to Hawaii in May! Woo hoo!

Skye said...

Oooh St Lucia... nice. We went there or our honeymoon - but maybe you know that LOL. It was fabulous!! No no it was amazing!
What am I loking forward to??
Selling our house in the next year - HOPEFULLY - and moving south
Expanding our family in the next year - HOPEFULLY -
Ocean City MD this summer
Now that things are blooming, I am looking forward to taking even more photos of fun stuff
Maybe a new car if I can talk my husband into getting rid of our horrid & ugly RAV4.
summertime dinners on the local lake here
getting a nice raise at work (hey a girl can hope right!)
starting our organic plot at the local community garden in town
ah well thats it for now.... have a great day