Thursday, November 10, 2011


ok people. i had an entirely different post all lined up for today and then do you know what happened? my birchbox arrived!! do you know about birchbox? it is seriously the happiest moment of my month when my birchbox shows up in my mailbox. it is. that's sad, i agree, but we're not here to judge me today, we are here to talk about life's little pleasures and ladies? birchbox is a big one!

i've been a member for 2 months and in all honesty, my first box was just ok for me. i mean, i liked the samples, but i was expecting to be WOWED and i wasn't, so i signed in to my birchbox account and made some changes to my beauty profile and i don't know if those changes made a difference in the samples i got this month or if november is just a really cool month for samples no matter what. whatever the case, i am a happy little trying-desperately-to-find-the-glamour-girl-inside girl this morning!!!

(that glamour girl exists, by the way. i've met her and she was awesome, even though i  didn't know it at the time and i thought she was fat)

here is the deal. for $10 a month, you sign up for their service and you get this cute little box shipped right to your door that has 4-5 deluxe sized beauty samples in it that are chosen for you according to the answers in your beauty profile. when i say "deluxe size", i mean it too. honestly, i think the best part about the whole thing for me is unwrapping the box. they do it up all cute with pink tissue paper and black ribbons and you feel like you are getting a suprise gift from your really cool friend who has her finger on the pulse of beauty and really cares about presentation.

i don't know about you, but i am a sucker for a cool wrap job. everybody's got their "thing".

i got some yummy perfume that i never, never would have picked on my own, but i tried it on anyway and really liked it for fall! completely different than anything i own already and that is the point of this little service! isn't that awesome? i also got a HUGE sample of borghese fango mud mask that i can’t wait to try (has that stuff been around forever or what? why have i never tried it?), this uh-maze-ing sparkly, shimmer body cream gloss thing from LaROCCA that smells like i want to eat it full of oranges and cinnamon and yummy, festive scents. god, it is delicious and i am definitely buying the full size of that (which i get free shipping on for the whole month of november through birchbox….do the benefits ever end?)…i got some funk letterpress coasters in my fave color and also, a great, hot pink polish from zoya’s holiday collection. killer haul!

plus! my favorite thing of all in my box this month was a wood and crystal beaded bracelet that was a bonus gift they threw in for referring a friend! it's like they knew i needed some baubles for my galivanting next month! i can't handle it. birchbox, will you marry me???

if you want to sign up, you can just follow this here little linky birchbox and you will thank me every month when you are smiling from ear to ear, smelling delicious and sparkling like your inner glamour girl is begging you to!!!

**this is not a sponsored post. i have received absolutely no compensation from birchbox, and actually, i don't think they even know i exist, i just really, really love this service and thought you might dig it too**


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