Wednesday, November 30, 2011

wordless wednesday....thanksgiving 2011

good times were had by all on benny's first thanksgiving. he enjoyed goldfish crackers, turkey, stuffing and even some brussells sprouts and we enjoyed wine, laughter and each other's company. who could ask for anything more??

the one thanksgiving tradition we hold above all else (besides the turkey, obviously) is churning. we take our churning very seriously and the hands that have held tight to that handle and churned their little hearts out over the years are the hands we hold the closest in our hearts. it was ben's first year to churn and he was a rockstar. and if you've never tasted freshly churned butter? boy are you missing out!

beautiful monica and her beautiful daughter.

have i ever told you how much i love my sister in law?



monica said...

thanks for taking the time to do's fab! lots of love coming your way! xo, monica

Skye said...

Good for Benny eating his Brussels sprouts! I can honestly say I never wanted to eat one ever!