Monday, November 7, 2011

10 months....a little late

my sweet little boy, you're changing so much and so fast lately i just want to grab you and hold on to you with all my might and beg time to stop, just for a few minutes, while i soak up the tiny version of you before i blink and you are 6'4'' and leaving for college. you're cruising like a champ and getting in to everything. you love to crawl over to me when i'm drying my hair and just sit at my feet, playing with your bath ring until i pick you up. in fact, you're rarely satisfied if i'm around unless you are in my arms. when i'm not holding you in one spot, you pretty much look like this....

you're starting to look and act like such a grown up little boy and it breaks my heart and makes me glow with pride at the same time. you play games with us and laugh all day long at nothing and everything. you're starting to get the hang of books, you're bored with most of your toys and the only thing you really want to play with or eat is the remote control and my phone.

you've got 6 teeth. your favorite dinner is orzo with tomato sauce and parmesan cheese but you've been known to polish off a bowl of jalepeno grits too, crazy monkey. you love to fall asleep with your arms wrapped around my neck and everyday, i still know for an absolute fact, that i am the luckiest.

with every bit of my heart, little boy, i love you. you are the most amazing person i have ever known.

happy 10 months, my little love. i am sorry that your actual 10 month-day was spent in such an unpleasant way, but i am so thankful that my laughing, smiling, goofy little boy is back, getting into mischief and causing a stink. you are my heart, baby.



Skye said...

Happy 10 months to Benny! I hope he is feeling better!! He sure looks like it!

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

Happy 10 months baby. :)

You are beautiful (like your mama) and growing up so fast and wonderfully. But why don't you slow down a would make it much easier on your folks. :)

p.s. I like your style...orzo with tomato sauce and parm? That's one of my faves, too. ;)