Friday, July 27, 2012

a mish-mash of randoms..friday's letters & 13 in however old i am

I feel like I’m 90. I am sitting in my office, shivering with my hands wrapped around a mug of hot water….well, they aren’t wrapped around it right now, because I am typing, but I do stop every few words for a warm up. This is ridiculous. I’m all for air conditioning, but please tell me why it has to blow snow? It’s July. Can’t we just experience summer a little bit? It’s so fleeting. I am already crying on the inside thinking about December….

So, I am really slacking lately. I know. I keep getting inspiration and then just sort of zoning out half way through…like, if you could see my screen right now you’d see that above these two paragraphs, I actually have a list started to link up with Erin’s post from the other day…which, better late than never? I just can’t seem to get my shit together. Anyway, her’s was a “26 in 26” link up…and such a cute idea…and I’d be all over that, if I were about to turn 13, because I have been staring at my list for 2 hours now and I can only come up with 13 things. There’s only 13 things I want to do this year? Apparently. I especially like this idea because I always thought it made more sense to make your New Year’s Resolutions on your birthday rather than on January 1st…I mean, unless of course, January 1st is your birthday, which is a win/win for you, isn’t it? The only thing about this I’m not too jazzed about is admitting how old I actually am about to be, but, of course, I can only think of 13 things anyway, so it’s a moot point. At least I don’t have to admit my age…here are my 13 things…

My birthday is in 3 weeks. I'll keep working on this list and see if i can do any better by then...I mean, only 13? That's just embarrasing.

  1. do the color run….or some other 5k, but preferably the color run
  2. meet Adam Richman (if you know me, you know this one is in the bag)
  3. buy a bottle of Booker's bourbon and drink it
  4. make lobster pot pie
  5. reach my goal weight
  6. go on a tropical vacation
  7. go with Ben to meet his grandpa
  8. finish my room
  9. reach 100 followers on le blog
  10. throw out all the clothes that don’t fit me anymore or that I never wear
  11. get a manicure at least once a month
  12. finish Atlas Shrugged
  13. take a cooking class at Sur la Table

So lots of fun stuff lined up for this weekend….and by “lots” I mean one….lobsters. On sale for $3.99/lb….rub your eyes, read it again…THREE DOLLARS AND NINETY NINE CENTS A POUND. For lobsters. That’s straight up nuts, folks…and I plan to eat my weight in those little boogers….actually, scratch that. I just did the math.  That’s more than I was hoping to spend. But a lot, anyway. I plan to eat a lot of them and to me, that = fun. And yummy.

Without further adieu, I bring you a quicky Friday’s Letters…


Dear lobsters,
Sorry about your imminent death. If you weren’t so delicious, this wouldn’t have to happen.

Dear Sami,
Keep your head up, sister. You are stronger than you know.

Dear Mental Health Day I took on Wednesday,
Thank you. THANK YOU. You were the most perfect day I have known in a long time…I floated, I shopped, I cleaned, I made myself an amazing omelet…I can’t say my sadz are 100% cured, but they are much improved and I owe it all to you.

Dear Adam Richman,
I‘m sort of over you…are you bummed? I don’t know what happened…I just lost that lovin’ feeling.

Dear summer,
I know we’re reaching the point where everyone else has just about had it with you and your 90 degree temps and stifling humidity….they are jonesing for colorful leaves, crisp apples and cool breezes…um…not me. please don’t go. I love you. I’m begging you, please! I haven’t eaten nearly enough tomatoes, we still haven’t been to a carnival, we haven’t gone out on a boat even once….please stay. Forever.

Dear Delaney,
Thanks for doing such a great job taking care of Ben this summer. You guys are having a blast and it makes me so happy…I’m really proud of both of you.

Have a super fly weekend y’all.



insertwittytitleheremomstired said...

I think you're aiming too high for your list. They don't all have to be super amazing accomplishments.
The only reason I'm kind of ready to be over with summer, besides the unrelenting heat, is b/c it means I'm closer to meeting this baby and HOPEFULLY being finished with my second job.
We have today and tomorrow left for our fair/carnival. Get your butts here!

Sami said...

Thanks for my letter lady! You are the sweetest and I just adore you! Benji in the above photo just melts my heart, he is a cutie that one! Jelly of your lobster feast. Have a wonderful weekend doll :)

Skye said...

I know what you mean by lack of inspiration ... it's just this time of year- summer makes you not want to sit in front of a computer at all... I know I just want to be out and about! Not here. haha! You sure have a Fun weekend planned! I love lobster ... so much ... but I really hate cooking them - i have never attempted it and it freaks me out putting them in the pot to die. I would rather just have someone serve it to me with buter sauce on the side LOL! But ... in north west NJ, there are no good seafood places - we need to go to the shore to get some good seafood. I was in my glory in Ocean City 2 weeks ago!!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

I love the get a manicure once a month, I need to do that! I also loved doing the color run, you should totally do it :)

Jamie said...

I want to do the color run too! Everyone always looks like they had a blast when they finish!

Lisamarie said...

I just found your blog through your comment on Raven's blog. (Yea... I blog stalk sometimes.) I love love love your blog. I plan to read ALL OF IT this weekend. =)

Arielle said...

love you're blog! new follower! :)

Niki said...

I hatteeee air conditioning when it's freezing cold. What's the point? You have to go out into 100 degree weather to warm up - and it feels good! I believe THAT is the reason why I'm slacking today. Yup.

PS - I'm thinking about doing the color run too!!! It looks so fun!

Julie said...

I'm the one in the office who's always hot. LOL. It really sucks but then again, freezing your butt off may be a tad bit worse.

Newest follower via GFC - I found you via Niki's tweet. There she is right there above me!

Have a great weekend!

Jennifer Sanzo said...

I found you on G&G! Happy to be following and love that you did not reveal your age. I turned the big 3-0 this year and keep wanting to participate in LIYs link up but am daunted by coming up with 30 things lol!