Thursday, December 6, 2012

cheater cheater pumpkin eater.....

You know, I am honestly astounded at what a disaster I am 99% of the time. Would you believe that the day after I nearly landed myself on Rehab with Dr. Drew over leaving my phone at home, I left it home AGAIN?? Two days, no phone.

I know.

And then yesterday, I wanted to blog but do you ever have those days where you start to write and everything just sounds terrible? Like it was written by a 3rd grader? I mean, I’m sure there are some 3rd graders that are very good writers, but you get what I mean. The words elude you; sentence structure is a joke etc.? Well, yesterday was one of those days. It was all I could do to use there, they’re and their correctly.

Anyway, enough of that, here I am today, happily procrastinating all the super pressing things I need to be doing like getting my sponsor stuff together for Kim at The K.O. Jewelry (do you know Kim? If you don’t, you should cuz she is awesome and her jewelry is fab!), making a packing list cuz I am taking the monkey on his first plane ride next week for a quicky little weekend in Hilton Head to see his Aunt Laurie (Bobby Deen, I am coming for you, lover…) and figuring out what I want to eat for lunch.

Obviously, the lunch thing is super important. I’m leaning towards Subway because I feel like a fat cow lately. I wish there was a Chipotle closer……God I love Chipotle. If I think I feel like I fat cow now, imagine how much fatter of a cow I would feel like if there was a Chipotle around the corner?  I lose all control. Maybe I will stop there for dinner…..great. Now I want Chipotle. What do you order when you go there? I always get a Bol with chicken, rice, black beans, lettuce, cheese, pico, the corn salsa, the super hot red salsa (my fave), sour cream and guac. I’m salivating right now. Like Pavlov’s dog. How embarrassing.

So anyway, We took a little impromptu jaunt to Dave & Busters last weekend with Ben. If you follow me on Instagram (user name: rach_loveyoumore), you’ve already been bombarded with this cuteness, but I’m a big believer in ‘there’s no such thing as too much cute’….

Let me tell you something….my kid? Is ALL boy. He cruised into D&Bs like he owned the place all ‘yeah yeah yeah, show me something that will impress me…’ and then BAM! I could almost hear the little voice in his head go “HOLY SHIT. WHAT THE HECK IS ALL THIS?!?!?!??!?!? Has this always been here? And this is the FIRST time I’m hearing about it? This place…this place is like ZZZZOMGGGGGG!!!!”

And then it was on. He climbed on every game, he pushed every button
and when it came to Skee-Ball?

Sheeeeeeeewwwwww… kid? He’s got that game on lock, kiddies.

The only time I felt like that mom was when, exhausted from crawling up and down the Skee-Ball lanes for an hour, he stumbled into the prize area and immediately ran to the footballs. He wanted one so bad….so, in classic mom mode (a mode I didn’t know I had, BTW), I walked up to the cashier, clutching our cup of, like 18 coins and the approximately 10 tickets the Skee-Ball machine spit out and asked “how much for the football?”…Poor Benny’s little face, full of hope and excitement….that dumb pimple faced cashier kid says to me something absurd like “4900 tickets” and I am all “I’m sorry…pardon??” but to no avail. I defiantly grabbed that stupid cheap football and my broken hearted boy’s hand and muttered “come on, Benny. We’ll get you a REAL football.”.
That’ll show YOU, little Dave & Buster’s prize shop punk.

All in all, a great time was had by all (aside from the football incident) and I’d be willing to bet Ben has not stopped dreaming about going back. Pretty sure he’s destined to be Skee-Ball State Champ as soon as we work on the logistics of his game a little bit….

And bonus! They serve wine! Everyone’s a winner, folks.



Sami said...

AW Benji! Love his little heart! We get pretty much matching burrito bowls but why would that be a surprise since we are soul sisters! xoxox

Anonymous said...

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Skye said...

David & Busters is a neat place - we went there last winter and Julianna was too small to do anything there- but our friends had older kids and they loved it- it's a cool place for sure!! :) Looks like Ben just loved it!!!!

Jessah said...

Awe. Looks like a fun time. Always love a little D&B!

Brooke said...

Love Chipotle! Usually get a burrito bowl! But sometimes I just want a chicken burrito! Yum!!!!!

I am doing a Holiday Giveaway from Sephora! Hope you stop by and enter!

Happy Holidays,

Brooke♥ ❤ ❥

Amber said...

OMG I wanna squeeze him!!
i wish we had a d&b! and a chipotle!!!