Wednesday, December 26, 2012

the magic of Christmas...

Is sitting on the living room floor in your pajamas, watching the person you love most in this entire universe, rip wildly through paper and bows to get to the tiniest of things; squishy slimy bugs, Buzz Lightyear pez dispensers, hot wheels. It is watching his face light up with overwhelmed joy and disbelief that these incredible treasures are ALL HIS!!! It is, of course, having the resources to provide these little, silly, superficial things that bring my sweet boy so much joy and wonder and this year, in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, I would remiss if I didn’t take note that there is magic in the fact that we have a roof over our heads to keep us dry and safe. But the most magical things for me are the memories of when I was little and would wake up at who knows what ungodly hour and sneak out to the living room to check and see if Santa had been there yet. When I would see my stocking stuffed full and overflowing with presents, my heart would race and I’d barely be able to contain myself….SANTA! WAS! HEREEEEEE!!!!!

That stocking. That lopsided, red velvet and green satin contraption that my mom made for me was always one of my most cherished possessions. Last year, while searching high and low for a stocking for Ben and coming up short everywhere I looked, it came to me out of nowhere…of course I wasn’t going to find the perfect stocking for Ben at the mall….at Target….at Pottery Barn. The only perfect stocking for Ben was already in my garage, sewn together with all the love his Grandma Hallie was saving up for the day she’d get to hold him. She never got to hold him, but every year at Christmas, when he sits on the floor with that stocking in his little lap overflowing with presents, I will know that they are together. And THAT is Christmas magic.

We have a winner for the Kohl’s gift card giveaway!!!!! Congratulations, Skye!!! Now go buy your new knife set!!! I can’t have you slicing and dicing with dull knives, woman.

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Skye said...

Yayyyy!!! and merry christmas! Yayyy!! :) What a fabulous day you had with your family - this is when it starts to get really fun doesn't it!! :)

Kim @ K.O. Jewelry said...

I hope you had a very Merry Christmas, and how neat is it that you get to re-use your childhood stocking for Ben? Love memories like that :)

Anonymous said...

Love the video and that Benny gets to use such a magical stocking!
Congrats to Skye!