Friday, December 7, 2012

friday's letters...

Dear box of wine from last night,
Thanks much for the screaming headache I woke up with.  Safe to say from here on out, I will not be purchasing your particular brand of klassy bevvie.

Dear Laurie,
6 more days!!!! Words can’t even express how excited I am to see your sweet face and hug and kiss you all weekend!

Dear Georgetown Cupcake,
You changed my life and I kind of hate you for it. First there was Magnolia…and truth be told, they are still at the top of my cupcake list…then, I thought I found heaven in Crumbs…then I was sure I heard angels singing in Sprinkles but you…you eclipsed them all. I mean seriously, how do you do it? I need your cookbook, stat.

Dear Jo,
I had so much fun hobbling around NYC with you last weekend! But then, I always have fun when I am with you… I wish we would have taken more pictures!! Especially of that macaron…good god that thing was delicious!! I miss you already!

Dear Scoot,
You’re so cute when you get all excited about Christmas. I’m really scared of these gifts you’re talking up…I hope I’m able to make you even half as happy as you keep promising you’re gonna make me…not fair!!

Dear Santa,
Let’s be honest, bro. I’ve had a lot of opportunities to be bad this year….well, ok, maybe just a handful….actually, now that I think about it, those “opportunities” were kind of all in my head…so nevermind about that. I’ve been good. It’s time to pay the piper….maybe see what you can do about hooking me up with some gift cards for Dunkin Donuts, Victoria’s Secret, Starbucks, Queen Av’s Nails and European Wax Center. Also, I’d really dig a new case for my iphone, the dogeared karma necklace I’ve been crying over forever, some new running shoes and a Kuereg. Too much? Did I mention all the opportunities I had to be bad??

Happy weekend, kids!




Kelly Ann said...

I have never tried that type of wine!

Sparkles and Shoes

Kim said...

You...oh you. Nothing like a giant juicebox of wine to roll you into a Friday morning.

Also. PS: Please send me your address for some lovely crafty goodness.

Also. I love you.

noreenmarie said...

Just looking at that box o'wine is making my stomach turn. Ha.
So excited for you to see Laurie! YAY! The monkey better behave himself on the plane. :)

Unknown said...

i can't even express the hysteria that will unfold once you two get off that plane! prepare to be squished!! <3

andi said...

love your friday letters. love the picture of you and jo, love that you get have squishing time with your bff. and i love that two months from today G and i will be on a plane to crash your pad.

Sami said...

GIRL. Stop it with that cupcake talk. I'm gonna eat my computer screen. Btw, cross your pretty fingers bc there's a small update. My aunt said the NYC trip will be decided this week, it will be mid Feb, andddd she's buying my plane ticket. So as long as work approves I will be on my way?! Hopefully. EEEEEP. Have a fab weekend! xoxox

Jo said...

Love Love Love the post! Look - I need botox though, ha ha ha!!! Those cupcakes .... OMG ... AMAZING. Thank you for hobbling with me. It was a tough day of walking! Next time it shall be warm or we shall eat some Katz. Or both. Or something. Always love to see you!

Courtney B said...

Those cupcakes.... I NEED to try them! We don't have ONE cupcake shop in this sorry little town I live in :( Safe to say this pregnant girl is DEPRIVED.... ha ha!

Optimistic Existentialist said...

I MUST try a Georgetown cupcake...soon :)

Brooke said...

The Keureg is a most have! Love mine!

=) Brooke