Thursday, December 20, 2012

let's hang out with Beverly today, mkay??

I was up last night way past my bed time (which shamefully is 9:00 these days) at our "holiday party" and uh...I'm a little fuzzy in the head this morning....nothing that stuffing my face with coffee and carbs won't cure by lunch time, but fuzzy I am especially excited to turn things over to the lovely Beverly today, cuz I'm sure she does not go out and do irrisponsible things like stay up too late on a wednesday doing The Macarena with her co-workers and drinking eight three glasses of wine....


My name is Beverly, I'm a twenty something photographer from “The Bootheel of Missouri”. I am the owner & photographer of Photography by Beverly. I've been snapping pictures as far back as I can remember. I think I got my first camera when I was 6-7 years old. It was a very small Kodak film camera, and I would take pictures of EVERYTHING. Now when I say everything, I literally mean EVERYTHING. I think I even got a few pictures of our toilet. LOL! Yes, I'm serious.

My love then was just for the photos themselves, I didn't really understand the whole concept of actually taking a photograph. As I got older, I started taking photography classes, and kept upgrading cameras. At this point, I just loved the idea of changing a few settings on a camera, and moving some stuff around, and coming out with a great photo. (Taking a good picture, is MUCH more than just that, but you get the basic idea!)

My son, Brayden, was born in August of '09. This is when I REALLY got into photography, still no plans to make it a business though. I mean, who can resist taking pictures of a sweet innocent newborn? Especially your own newborn bundle of sweetness? You just can't!

I had no intentions of turning this into a business, what-so-ever. I would just post the pictures I took on Facebook showing off my new bouncing baby boy! After about two weeks, I started getting messages on Facebook like crazy. “Your pictures are soo good. Will you take some pictures for me?” or “You should really look into starting a business out of this! You're really good.” I put lots of thought, and research into it.
I started taking pictures for people, just as a hobby, but I soon realized that this could turn into a career for me. After a number of long nights of no sleep, being on the internet, and reading books until 2 or 3 AM, I decided to figure out what I needed to do to make myself legal, and have a business. OH MY! Was I in over my head. There is soo much paperwork involved, but I won't go into too much detail about that! After about two weeks, I finished up everything I needed and on October 19, 2012, I officially launched my business -Photography by Beverly.

This is just a short glimpse of my story, but I would love to hear yours. Send me an e-mail to, and be sure to check out my blog and follow at I can't wait to hear from you and thanks for reading!


Isn't she the sweetest?? And can you even handle how adorable Brayden is? That hair! That face! I die. SO, while I am snoring under my desk today and fantasizing about bacon, egg & cheese sandwiches, you should go show my girl Beverly some love. Cuz I said so...since you guys always do what I say. Duh. And since I don't have the energy to fight you on this today, clearly.

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Amber said...

Beverly has a ginge!! You know I am partial to redheads:)

Beverly Stevens said...

Amber, I sure do. & he is the SWEETEST! :) I have even more pictures of him on my blog - - You should check it out! Thanks.

Kim said...

Oh my good lord - that first picture is precious. Love it!!

Deandra said...

Newest Follower! So nice to meet you! Love Kohls too! Nice giveaway!