Monday, October 31, 2011

10 months

Instead of a white onesie with a cute little “10 months” sticker, this time around, we took his monthly picture wearing the most heartbreaking tiny green hospital gown. Benny spent the first night of his 10th month behind curtain number 38 at Good Samaritan Hospital with a fever of 104.8.

It came on out of nowhere at bedtime on Thursday and through the night his fever steadily rose, despite the Tylenol and Motrin I was giving him. He spent Friday morning with his grandma until we could get an appointment with his pediatrician at 1:45. I explained his symptoms as he laid in a lethargic heap on my chest, burning hot and too weak to lift his head or cry. She took his temperature and sent us straight to the ER. To be honest, I don’t know how I managed to get us there in one piece through hysterical tears.

The whole ordeal lasted approximately 6 hours. My sweet little boy was subjected to 5 separate temperature readings (and if you know how they take a baby’s temperature at the hospital, you know how traumatizing that alone was for him), countless blood tests, a chest x-ray. They swabbed his tiny nose for a flu culture and inserted an IV which ripped my heart right out of my chest.

They gave him fluids for dehydration and we had to wait hours for him to pee into this bag that was taped under his diaper so they could do a urine test. Meanwhile, my sweet angel just snuggled in our laps, alternating between sleeping and whimpering.

The tests finally came back and told us little more than that his white blood cell count was slightly elevated so he got an infusion of antibiotics and by the time we left the hospital at almost 8pm, his temperature was back to 98.6 and he was more exhausted than I have ever seen him.

My little boy is the strongest, most resilient, amazing little person I have ever had the honor of knowing. By Sunday afternoon, he was back to his sweet, troublemaking self, crawling around the living room with an impish grin getting into mischief.

So we missed out on month 10 of his sticker pictures, which I will probably still take, just a few days late, which you know makes my OCD twitch a little bit. What we got instead was a dose of reality and a big helping of heartbreak but that little boy of mine? He is my hero. And I love him with every bit of my overwhelmed, emotionally exhausted and very, very thankful heart.



Jenn said...

AAAAAWWW-thanks for making me a big crying heap at my desk-Ill just tell everyone the red eyes are part of my costume-so glad he is all better!!

noreenmarie said...

Oooh those pictures of him! Heartbreaking! I'm so so glad he's ok though, and how fast he bounced back! He's one strong little boy. :)

insertwittytitleheremomstired said...

Poor Benny-boo. It was still probably harder on you and Scooty than it was on him. Still heart-wrenching to see them in so much discomfort. Glad he's doing better. Such a super trooper.
FWIW, my daughter was sick on and off for a few months a year ago. The thermometer set we have wasn't very accurate with the mouth or underarm settings. Let's just say she enjoyed the rectal temps a little too much...requesting it that way for a few months after she was over the crud.

Skye said...

OMg first let me tell you - my very good friend just had a baby boy and his name is Benny! :)
OK second - I am crying here LOL> The picture of him with the IV broke my heart. I can't imagine what you must have gone through. I would have a very hard time too if that was my little girl. I dread if we ever have to bring her to the hospital. I am happy to hear that Benny is doing ok!! God Bless and Happy 10 months :)