Tuesday, October 18, 2011

the place you love....to pieces.

it’s like the holy land, with shampoo.

<cue: choir of angels>

seriously, what can’t you get at target?  and we don’t even have a super target. i mean, what IS a super target? please. don’t tell me.  i do not even want to know…..

on sunday, my boy and i took a trip to the mecca that is tar-jay. it’s not even the eve of my favorite season, which is always the best time to go…you know, when they just put out all the fertilizer and bright plastic sand buckets and blow up pools and bathing suits, but meanwhile, outside those big, red automatic doors there are still patches of ice on the ground and hardly a daffodil in sight? it’s like visual prozac for my seasonal affective disordered soul.

fall is my second favorite season though. there, i admitted it, ok? i know it’s followed by winter and that seriously sucks, and also not working it its favor is that the arrival of fall is, by definition, the end of summer, which is the season for which i live BUT as i’ve gotten older and my big girl panties have gotten…well…bigger, i’ve come to realize there is nothing i can do about the fact that it’s not summer 365 days a year  (which is bullshit by the way. who do i talk to about that?) and also? that the butt that sits in those big girl panties has no business traipsing around in one of those cute little bikinis from target and i’d do best just to snuggle into an oversized, squishy sweater and park my ass on the couch with a mug of tea.

a mug of tea. what am i? 90?

so anyway, this is pretty much just a longwinded excuse for me to post this picture of the monkey in target. my shopping partner. the love of my life. hold on to your ovaries, ladies, this one is a doozy…..

also, i am in love with basically everything in that store right now…share with me the things you’re drooling over!


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xoxoxo A.D. said...

oh. PLEEEEEEEEEEZE. Can I clone him? xxxoxoxooxoxooxoooooooxoxooxxxxxxx