Tuesday, October 11, 2011

the great pumpkin, take 2

let’s try this again….

we set out this past weekend in the record breaking heat to give pumpkin picking another shot and i’m happy to report, it went much better this time. ben was still overwhelmed by all the new things to see, so i didn’t get any smiles from him until we hid out in the shade of the corn maze for a little rest and a snack. in the company of mommy and daddy, away from the stinky, dusty petting zoo and the acrobatic pig show (true story) the monkey was all smiles.

we didn’t come home with any pumpkins, but they did have some nice looking ones that in hindsight i wish we had grabbed. i felt like my nose was full of dirt boogers though and besides, if I had to carry pumkins back to the car, where would we have put the giant loaf of pumpkin bread?? yum. and don’t look at me all grossed out like you’ve never experienced the dirt boogers. please.

oh hey. what's up? just a spider monkey, hangin' out like spider monkeys do, dirt boogers and all...

so, i was really looking forward to pictures amidst the pumpkins with the whole fam clad in snuggly sweaters and warm boots holding steaming mugs of apple cider like a norman rockwell painting and instead? it was 87 degrees….but that’s ok!!! because i’ll be honest. i miss summer already and also because this weekend coming up, the weather is expected to be sunny and seasonal (my favorite!) and we are hitting up the festival that i most look forward to every year….the oyster festival!!! (and i don’t even really like oysters…go figure. i’m an enigma.)

i think the monkey is going to have a blast!

no. not THAT monkey.

p.s. we'll probably hit up canterbury ales while we're in the neighborhood which is pretty much to die for so basically, the good times? will be had by all :) is it saturday yet???



noreenmarie said...

CUTE pics!
Ohhhh I wanna go to Oyster festival! ;)

Megan and Justin said...

these pictures are amazing! i just found your blog, following now!

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

omg. Your little pumpkin is the cutest one in the patch!!!! Love these pictures.

Skye said...

We went this weekend too - It was hot as heck! We were sweating our buns off. I love the goat picture... the monkey loooks a little out of place for a farm LOL. Glad you guys had a nice time- Making memories that last a lifetime are the best! :)