Thursday, October 6, 2011

shameless self promotion

it ain't pretty, i know, but i'm doing it anyway.

i made this little blog it's very own facebook fan page. whatever, ok? it makes me feel important. everybody loves having mine? i promise not to flood your wall with annoying crap. i'm even toying with the idea of doing a giveaway when i get 100 fans. what the heck should i give away? i dunno. cart before the horse.

first things first...see that cool, blingy little FB box over there to the right? you just go right over there and click "like" so you can get updates when there're new blog posts to read and cute pictures of the monkey and yummy recipes. you know you already get updates from, like, klaussen pickles and tide detergent so this should be a welcome little treat.

so be our fan, k? do it for ben. thanks! xoxo

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