Sunday, October 16, 2011

oyster fest 2011

every year, we count down the days till the oyster festival in oyster bay, long island, home of theodore roosevelt and good old billy joel. it was ben's first of what we hope will be many trips to the festival and he had a total blast!! no oysters for him...or any of us for that matter (ironic, i know) but we stuffed ourselves silly on all sorts of other yummy things from the 8,647,922 vendors with their little booths set up in teddy roosevelt park....

raw oysters, fried oysters, oysters rockefeller, oyster stew, oyster po' boys, grilled oysters (forrest??)...and if you're not so into those little slimy boogers, they had raw clams, fried clams, clam chowder and seafood chowder that was absolutely to die for, sausage and peppers, fried oreos, roasted corn, killer chili, giant onion rings with fresh blue cheese dressing, sweet potato fries, crabcakes, lobster rolls (i passed. can you imagine? i'm spoiled...), pulled pork, fried chicken, burgers, dogs, root beer on tap in giant silver mugs, soft pretzels, fudge....

gluttony in it's purest form and also? pretty much my happy place. a great time was had by all!

we took a siesta on the rocky beach, walked for miles and miles in the glorious crisp fall air and had exactly the day i was needing so desperately.


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