Monday, October 3, 2011

our week in iphone pics w.2

i'm back again for another installment of my favorite link up, amy's week in iphone pics ...and i am still just as excited as i was last week to participate!! i know i am a big nerd because i am still so stoked about my new phone, but the apps, people!!! the apps!!! i am still obsessed with hipstamatic and am loving the "shake to randomize" option. i just feel so hipster and funky when i use it which clearly makes me a total poser, but whatev....and! they have a photobooth app! how fun is that?!?? in case there were still any shred of doubt about me being a complete dork, when i put the photobooth through a dry run, my first thought was omg this is going to be SO awesome when i finally corner that david cook character and force another photo session on him (and maybe a big wet kiss...but that's neither here nor there now is it?? ahem!)

so this week i didn't take pictures every day like i had hoped. some days were just a total snorefest...but i covered most of the good stuff so without further ado, here is our week in iphone pics! link up if you want to play along too!! remember my friend michele from maroon 5 and gorgeous wedding pictures and amazing style and cute HOBO clutches? we ran into each other at whole foods! i was in such a funk, walking around the produce section, moping and frowning and she popped up out of nowhere! i was so happy to see her i just hugged her and hugged her and i even cried a little. in whole foods. i need to get a handle on this, i know. anyway, we did some venting and tried some killer guacamole and then went our merry ways. later on that afternoon, scott actually went over to michele's house to watch the giant's game with her husband and ben and i spent some quality time hanging out at home, napping. sundays were made for naps and trips to whole foods, of that i am sure.

monday...not too much to see here...ben tried out the blackberries i got at whole foods for dessert monday night (he gave them a thumbs up) and then he crashed out on the couch after jeopardy. tuesday was uneventful and wednesday, we had rosh hashanah at scott's parent's house but i didn't take any pictures?

thursday....was daddy day care since ben's school was closed for rosh hashanah. the boys took a walk to the bagel store in the morning and then spent the afternoon napping and doing whatever boys do when mom's not around

friday...was a big day! 9 month check up at the pediatrician! the monkey did great, but i was a bit of a wreck. i had a million questions that i forgot to ask the doctor and ben had to get a flu shot and a DTaP since he is behind an entire round of immunizations and now has to play catch up. he tipped over and hit his head on the wall when i was taking off his clothes, which made him cry and then he was hungry so the crying continued and just escalated, as you can imagine, once the big scary needles came out. ben never cries, so it was a pretty traumatizing appointment for all involved. besides the (well justified) meltdown, ben got gold stars! he is doing awesome and hitting all of his milestones like a champ. duh.
 in the aftermath of the vaccines, he was kind of knocked out and he slept like a rock friday night which meant all of us got some much needed rest. 
saturday...i met my friend noreen for lunch at buffalo wild wings to celebrate her birthday. good times, yummy food and beer in cool moustache pint glasses! what more could you ask for? and the monkey napped the entire 2 hours I was gone! still recovering from the trauma of Friday’s doctor visit no doubt…..the grilled cheese sandwich he had later for lunch sure seemed to help a little though! there are very few things in life that melted cheese doesn’t fix.

sunday….was a classic fall day. we made big plans to go to the east end for pumpkin picking as long as the rain held off and luckily, it did! we stopped for breakfast at panera bread and popped into babies r us to get a safety gate and those squashy foam corners to stick on the coffee table…we also ended up ordering the conversion kit for his crib so he can have a toddler bed…you know, that crib he’s never slept in? yeah, that one…. ( btw, how are we already baby-proofing?? isn’t this little boy still a newborn?? what in the sam hill is going on?)
after breakfast, we drove out to stakey’s pumpkin farm….it was a good time, but, pretty much a stinky mud pit from all the rain we’ve gotten lately so we concentrated on posing on bales of hay and eating just picked,  roasted corn on the cob, dripping with butter and salt….oh my lordy. after the trip to the pumpkin patch, we stopped at the outlets to get benny some new autumn threads and he got to drive a car with a goofy looking dog and make friends with bob the builder, which he thought was just about the funnest thing EVER!
once we got home, ben practiced crawling some more and napped while scott did the lawn...

and that was our week in pictures! i showed you mine, now you show me yours!



noreenmarie said...

Yay! I made your blog. ;) Ha. Loved that picture. Good times! I loved the pics from yesterday, too! Ben looked like he had a great time!

Kristi said...

"there are very few things in life that melted cheese doesn’t fix"
That should be on a bumper sticker or coffee mug or something. Love it!
What a cute little guy!