Friday, June 8, 2012

faves for friday!

Back again, peeps, for another round...this week, I've got some real good ones fer ya!

My Favorite New Necklace
People? I caved. I drank the Kool-Aid, I kept up with the Joneses, you guys said “jump” and I said “hell YEAH bitches! I’ve got a trampoline!”. I had to have it, all of you pretty girls in your pretty knock-off j.crew bubble necklaces from ebay via China…it was all I could do not to order every single color…in the end, I decided to go with the standard aqua…

It arrived yesterday and oh my lordy YOU GUYS WERE RIGHT! It is gorgeous and you know what? Pretty great construction for $16 and free shipping.. color me impressed! And so happy! I put in an order for 2 more this morning…..oops.

My Favorite Condiment
Come. To. MAMA!!!!!!!

My Favorite Beauty Product Right Now
I was really hesitant to try this stuff, but due to my raging case of FOMS (see also: My Favorite New Necklace, above), resistance was futile. Hopes were not high, because I really don’t wear much on my face besides moisturizer and concealer anyway (powder makes me feel like my skin is suffocating. I want to use it…I keep trying…and every time, I end up having to wash my face immediately) and also, because drugstore makeup always turns orange on me.

This stuff might not be for everyone… fact, I wasn’t too sure it was for me either in the beginning, but the more I use it, the more I love it. it has a great, dewy, sheer finish to it and a clean, grassy sort of scent and it really evens me out in a subtle way. hey, I dig it….and for 10 bucks, it is super affordable. Love.

My Favorite Strawberry Pie
I make this every summer guys….and I don’t want to offend, but it brings out the stalker in people….they start calling in May all “when is the pie coming? Are you making the pie? Make sure you let me know, ok? I really want some pie!”…so I whipped this bad boy up on Tuesday night and made a little side pie with the extra filling. I sent it into the city in a bag from Tiffany & Co. with it’s own little ice pack and our friend Jimmy walked all the way from Bryant Park to 59th & Lex to pick that little beauty up on his lunch break Wednesday. It’s that serious.

Want the recipe? Let me know, but don’t say I didn’t warn ya.

My Favorite New Followers
You guys want to hear something pathetic? Remember when I put my tail between my legs last month and went off muttering about penguins and pouting that I needed a break and was feeling depressed?



Well, I’ll give you the breakdown for the impetus of that little hissy fit…um….I’m not proud of this, but I’m pretty sure that was fueled by about 60% PMS hormones, 10% “oops crap I forgot to take my meds today” and 30%  that I lost 2 followers out of nowhere. I know I’m a big baby, but that really did a number on me, especially since I knew I was being such a whiny pain in the ass anyway.

But enough about that because this week, I got 2 new followers and I love them…not only because they are following this goofy, babbling hot mess of a blog, but because their blogs are awesome too…like SO good, and so pretty, and so funny….check them out and see for yourselves! Thank me later!!!  Tiffany & Elisabeth, I’m so happy to have you, girls!!!


So, that concludes this week’s edition of Friday Favorites, my new favorite link up…OH! Wait!!!

My New Favorite Link Up

That’s better! Now we’re done…..

I need a drink.

Happy Weekend Hot Stuffs!



Sami said...

Gimme that Strawberry Pie recipe right meow! Nevermind that I just made cupcakes, I want pie ;)
So glad you got the necklace, it will look gorg on you! You forgot to mention your favorite child (you only have one right, or that would be mean) his pictures always make me smile :) Have a great weekend lady!!

Sienna said...

your necklace is so cute and that pie looks so yummy!!

Skye said...

I would totally love that recipe pretty please lol -seeing as we have a bunch of strawberries ;)

Amber said...

I need the recipe. stat. I love you more than any other bloggers. Yes I get jealous. Now you know. MUAH!!!!!!

Amber said...

oh...and I need the necklace but I am not really a statement necklace kind of girl.

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

whoa. this scared me. I wasn't expecting to see my giant face in this post! you are too sweet and I think EVERYONE and their dog should follow you (literally ... sherman is following you).