Friday, June 29, 2012

it's friday, bishes!

Thank The Baby Jesus!

Time again for another rendition of the funnest link up around.

Yes, I said “funnest”

Dear Justin Bieber,
Damn you and your catchy little “Boyfriend” ditty….I’m hooked. I am mortified about it, but I’ve got The Fever….thanks a lot ya little punk.

Dear Uncle Guiseppes Market,
Live lobsters for $4.99/lb this week?!?! Yes, please!! Thank you for making all of my lobster roll dreams come true! People? It’s on. Follow me on Instagram for the play by play. @rach_loveyoumore.
Here is the recipe I'll be using...if you're smart, you'll join me :)

Dear Amazon,
Thanks for having the shoes I have been stalking on Zappos for $25 less!! I feel like I hit the jackpot! Sorry, Zappos….ya snooze, ya lose…do you still love me?

Dear fireflies,
Please stick around for a long time this year. I feel like we haven’t spent enough time together and truth be told, you are my favorite part of summer. Ok, it’s a tie between floating, lobster rolls & you, but you get the idea…

Dear Weight Watchers,
It’s me, not you. I know I am a big, fat failure lately. I take the blame. I know what I’m doing wrong and yet, I continue to do it….what is my problem? If only you sold motivation in those outrageously expensive little snack packs that line your walls, I’d be all set. Sigh.

Have a great weekend, y’all! (y’all?) and go read this. first of all, she is absolutely hilarious and b) it pretty much exactly sums up all of my confusion regard my favorite holiday falling on a Wednesday this year…talk about a buzz kill…wah wah wah…..



Nicholl Vincent said...

Loved reading this!


have a great weekend!

Amber said...

I love that you said y'all! I loooove boyfriend!!! I just saw my first firefly last summer! Enjoy your lobster

Anonymous said...

Why is it that Fridays no longer feel like real Fridays?
I'm so excited for your lobster roll adventure. Wish I could be there to lick all the mayo off the spoon. Something about pregnancies and mayo with me. MMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmm!
BTW, please don't jump on board the JB train. We're better than that. I can not take part in a Beiber-stalk.

Sami said...

Haha I love Taylor and that post! Can you just FEDEX some lobster rolls to me ;) Have a fabulous weekend pretty lady!

noreenmarie said...

I hate to admit that I like the song too! Gah! I try to change the station when it comes on, but I can't. We need help. ;)

Can't wait for your lobster roll! :)
I agree, sucky that the 4th is on a wednesday this year. It should ALWAYS be on a Friday, so this way, there is always a 3 day weekend!

Skye said...

My husband likes the boyfriend song- how funny )or not) is that! LOL - Yay 4.99/lb lobsters! We are going to Ocean CIty, MD in a week and I can't wait for the all you can at crabs and lobster- yummm.
Great shoes! I love getting a great bargain - I can justify buying ANYTHING if it's on sale! :)

Andi said...

patiently awaiting lobster roll recap....

Anonymous said...

Found you through the link-up! I read your about me blurb... Yay for being left handed!