Friday, June 1, 2012

friday faves

Hey all! It's Friday! And not a moment too soon right? Was this was the longest short week ever??....we all really, reeeally need to start a movement to get the work week to be 4 days every week....anyway, besides all that, and since you probably won't even see this till Monday (ugh....Monday....that is such an ugly word on Friday night...) because it's almost 9 on Friday night cuz I was trying to write this all the damn day and between people who don't know how to STFU and grabby, sweet baby hands, it honestly took me upwards of 14 hours to put this together...the 14 hour blog post. It's true.

BUT....when I saw Lindsey's link up, I knew I had to play along. I have been feeling so craptastic lately, and it was really awesome to see all of these bloggers, posting the positive, spereading the joy and sharing all of their favorite things.....

So here I am....and here are my Faves for Friday.....

My Favorite Little Brother
His 21st birthday is next week and my heart hurts that I can’t be there to give him a hug and a kiss, buy him a drink and tell him how very, very lucky I am that he is mine. He is the most amazing kid….thoughtful and smart, handsome and charming. He grew up so fast and I am so proud of him, every day. I love you, Kellen. Happy Birthday, little bro!

My Favorite Thing I Ate
This out of this world, Avocado & Watermelon Relish/Salad thing I invented the other night to go over grilled chicken…or shrimp…or just to get poured directly into your face because it is just THAT good….it couldn’t be easier either…it’s just avocado, watermelon, lemon juice, red onion, cilantro and a pinch of salt. Seriously, it took 4 minutes to throw together. This is going to be my summer staple. It is AMAZEBALLS.

My Favorite Organizational Project
Organizing my Pinterest boards…holy crap people. When did they get so out of control? It is an overwhelming endeavor, but I’d rather do this than clean bathroom grout or something so I guess it’s all good.

My Favorite Prezzie I Got For Myself
These totally adorable Steve Madden sandals! My gold gladiators are held together right now pretty much by scotch tape and staples and I needed a new, summery pair of sandals stat…I found these on zappos yesterday (LOVE zappos, BTW) and they were calling my name. They came this morning (!!!) and they are super comfy and the color is just fantastic. I can’t wait to wear them.

My Favorite “New” Boyfriend
Adam Richman….girls, I love him. I don’t know what it is, ok? His new show, "Adam Richman’s Best Sandwich in America”  is starting next Wednesday and to say I am counting the minutes is an understatement. I love him. Oh. I already said that.....

My Favorite Weekend Plan
Gettin' this scrungy, played gel mani soaked off - finally- yes, i know. So I'm marching right in to Nail & Relaxation Spa (do nail places where you live have crazy names? They kill me here!) with these peeling, jacked up nails and marching out wearing my favorite polish of all time, OPI "Tickle My Francey". I can't wait.

so there you have it the 11th faves for the first ever link up of Lindsey's Friday Faves. I love this link up and I'm pretty sure I'll keep coming back for more...focus on the love!



Amber said...

Happy Birthday to your fave bro!! I love your springy sandals and I am obsessed with Zappos! It's something about knowing whatever I order will be delivered by a dude in brown shorts that keeps me coming back:) I have never heard of the sandwich dude but I know if you love him, I will love him cuz we are the same! Have a great weekend and enjoy your mani!! And yes, our nail salons are named strangely, too.

Elaine :) said...

That avocado watermelon relish salad sounds so good :) I will need to try it. :)

Sami said...

I'm sorry you're feeling craptastic! That is never fun! You're little brother is a cutie ;) That relish looks amazing.. I will be making that soon! Love your new sandals! I am loving everythang turquoise lately! Your love for Adam Richman cracks me up!!! Have a great weekend :)