Thursday, June 7, 2012

thursday's brain vomit

That's a pretty gross title. maybe I should change it?

Warning people….I have a lot of browser windows open right now…I’m reading blogs, doing work, entering contests to win this GORGEOUS chunky gold chain bracelet from Taylor Morgan Design, that Elisabeth is giving away over at her blog La Vita e Bella...I'm leaving comments, procrastinating answering emails, brainstorming upcoming blog posts, weekend plans, dress ideas for wedding season,  toddler dinners….my brain feels ultra caffeinated, but in that strung out, crackhead way, not in the productive sort of kicking ass and taking names way. It’s exhausting.

So forgive if this is all over the map, k? cuz I think somebody slipped some pop rocks in my lean cuisine or something.

That doesn’t even make any sense.

Also? Lean Cuisines? Vom.

Hey, if you guys follow me on the twitters? Sorry for the major flood of sandwich texts last night. I've mentioned my crush on Adam Richman, and he was live tweeting last night during the first episode of his new show, and I was feeling saucy and trying to get a little twit-enntion (just made that up. like?) to no avail, so yeah….sorry. I am obviously a loser. That’s ok. I was just using him for the food porn anyway.

(just kidding Adam. You know I still want to share spaghetti with you like Lady & The Tramp. I'm just trying to look cool and aloof on my blog.)

I have to talk to you guys about my hair dryer drama. Is anybody even interested? Because it is pretty aggravating, and I am trying to stay away from the bitching on this here blog, but man oh man….so stay tuned for that. I know. You are panting with anticipation.

Escuchame! I also need to break down the latest with my Weight Watchers adventure.


It’s not the prettiest. I need to get my ass back on that elusive wagon. I am quitting my old gym this weekend, joining a closer gym and working hard on my list of excuses motivation. But I’ll save the gory details for another day….right now? I think I need to just have a cup of tea and do some deep breathing or something.

Peace out, sprouts.



tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

you are awesome.
ok, not speechless. lean cuisines? I could do it, but I would need 7.5 to make up my typical lunch setting. or maybe I couldn't do it, the rubbery chicken kind of freaks me out. and if you look at it under a certain light, the meat is rainbow-colored. this post made my eye twitch (so much going on here). hilarious.

jenn said...

Cannot wait for the hair dryer drama...i finally caved and got a really expensive thing i ever did!!!

Amber said...

Lean cuisines. haha What is your hair drama??? Pop rocks? Would you believe me if I said I legit just bought pop rocks a few weeks ago. Takes me back. makes me giggle. you are amazeballs and I love you. like, for real. MUAH!

Emily @ Emmy June said...

Ha! My mom eats lean cuisines like legit dinners. And she'll offer them to you like it's going to be filling. So yeah....funniest some ecard EVAR.

Sami said...

I have like 3 lean cuisines in my freezer for emergencies only like if I'm running late or something from work BUT these chickadees in my office eat one ever. single. day. the smell alone makes me want to gag.. and eat pizza! I feel you on the workout/weight loss crap. My motivation lasts for like 32 seconds before it leaves again. Booo.