Tuesday, June 19, 2012

a tale of 3 hair dryers...

Actually, sort of 4. FOUR hairdryers, ok?

Let me just start this little diatribe off by explaining that my hair? Is not manageable. We’ve touched on this before, but I just need to reiterate that…it’s curly…and frizzy…and two totally different textures on top and underneath so, I am not being a snob when I say I can’t use a Conair dryer from Target, I am speaking out of necessity….I mean, if you want me to be presentable, of course. And I ain’t about going to the stop n’ shop looking like Witch Hazel from the Bugs Bunny cartoons….even though we live in Ronkonkoma so does it matter? Really? I mean, really.

So here we go. Back in December, I decided that my old, trusty Hot Tools whatever dryer, which honestly, had served me well enough, was starting to die a slow, painful death. I cleaned out its lint trap, gave it a kiss….to no avail. It was still blowing lukewarm air, so, clutching my “20% off any item!!!” Ulta coupon (LOVE those things!), I marched right in and picked myself up the sparkly new t3 Veloce I had been stalking for Christmuhkwanzikkuh.

This dryer? Changed my life. and ruined me for other dryers forever. But I didn’t know that…..until it died …five months after I bought it. True story. A $100 hair dryer should have a life expectancy of more than 5 months, am I wrong? But the things it did to my hair…..oh man. It got super, scorching hot. Hot enough to straighten out any krink, tame any cowlick…even on only slightly damp hair! There are magic in those coils…but I was pissed.

Add to this, the fact that at around the 3 month mark, out of nowhere, the director nozzle just started popping off the dryer mid-blow out…so there I was trying to stick this thing back on the nose of my dryer to finish my hair, but it was the temperature of the earth’s core, so I was screaming and burning my fingers and trying to position it on the bathroom rug and just jam the dryer into it without touching it…..like, 8 times every morning, ok?


Whatever. So I threw it in the garbage in a fit of rage and marched right back to Ulta where I purchased this PIECE. OF. JUNK.

It looked like it had potential, right? And it came with a bottle of argan oil, which my hair drinks like a thirsty camel….I was optimistic…..until I got home and tried it out…..

Seriously, I have never in all of my life, used a blow dryer that poofed my hair out the way this one did. The high heat setting was warm, at best and whatever ionic nonsense it was supposedly blowing fluffed up my cuticle so bad my hair was curling in every direction.

I could not return it fast enough. I spent 3 days with my hair air dried (sorry world) waiting for the next hopeful to arrive from Folica.com. I spend lots of hours researching this bad girl….certain that she was the dryer for me…..

In a word? Nope.

The result was definitely better than that Argan Heat mess, but for a “professional” dryer that retails for over $140? My hair was still course, and poofy. And it did NOT a cowlick tame….

It sounds dramatic, which I have been known to be from time to time, I’ll just be honest….but truly, I felt like crying. It was then that I knew I was ruined for all other dryers and had no choice to march BACK to Ulta, AGAIN, with my tail between my legs, and purchase another t3 Veloce…..

Boy oh boy did it just grind every gear I have. This is SO against my principles. I hold grudges. I stay mad and I am MAD at this company….still mad….

But damn, my hair? Looks fantastic.



Skye said...

Well. I have to weigh in here since I was a hairdresser for 15 years... up until about 4 years ago. I have tried many pro hairdryers and found the CHI Dryer to be the best - I know people think I'm nuts for buying a dryer for $120 but when you have curly hair, and you can blow out your hair fast & so smooth, then money is no object. I am with you on that one girl!
I never tried any of those you mentioned though .... but the key is to use a bristle brush and the right smoothing product too - which I am SURE You do since you deal with your hair daily and from what I see, it always looks good ! :)

Amber said...

Girl you really do have some serious hairdryer issues. wow. I got the Hana when all the bloggers were reviewing their free one. I paid like $200 for it and to be honest, I usually wash my hair at night and let it dry naturally overnight. What a waste of $200, right? Girls are cray.

jenn said...

I feel the same way about my solano..it was $200 but worth every single penny!!! My hair is thick ...takes about 10 munutes to blow out the whoke thing...used to take me a half hour.

noreenmarie said...

Ok, wait. shouldn't that $100 bad boy come with some sort of warranty? At least for a year? I would think?

Meg {henninglove} said...

i love argan oil, it seriously has transformed my hair! i want to blowdry my hair but seriously how do companies think they can charge so much??

Viviask said...

Well, I've had styling experience and no other hair dryer has done it for me except the Karmin G3 Salon Pro Professional, it has ceramic heat, 2000W motor, dual voltage, ionic technology and all the features of a salon hair dryer. Very recommended! It leaves hair shiny and healthy and doesn't cost a fortune like some brands.

Darren Mccroy said...

Well, I hope that your quest for the right hair dryer ends well. Looking for a good quality hair dryer can be a pain at times. But there ways to get a good dryer if you know what and how to look. One is to consider the wattage. Dryers with higher wattage have a powerful and excellent heat and air flow. The normal wattage would be 1750 watts. But for thick hair types, get a blow dryer with 1900 to 2000 watts dryer for best results.