Monday, August 8, 2011

block party blast!

block parties.

i had never heard of them before i moved here.
we don't get to have one on our street because it's a main road but all of the surrounding side streets have them and those big jerks never invite us, we just have to sit alone in our backyard like red-headed step children and listen enviously to the faint sounds of a bad mc corralling kids into doing the cotton-eyed joe for the 11th time in an hour, fireworks, dance music and summertime merriment.

not this year, suckas!!

this year, we packed up our loot and headed out to scott's good friend brian's house for the ultimate  block party! let me tell you something, brian does it right! we didn't wander too far from his yard to see what the rest of the block was up to, but we didn't need to! brian's house was the center of all the action! and not just because of the ridiculously awesome ice flume that the whole neighborhood was doing shots from...benny even got in on the action!

oh calm it down and get off the phone with CPS! he wasn't doing jaeger bombs or anything....just a little bottle fake-out ;)

good times...good food...good beer...good friends

(and a barrage of collage! whoopieeeeeeeeeee!!!!)